Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-182]


Record Creation Procedures

    Preliminary records could be based on non-standard vendor or foreign cataloging agency (e.g. national libraries) copies. For definition of standard copy see CPM-010, CPM-011 or CPM-012

    Vendor or foreign cataloging agency records are identified by the following elements:

    1. 040 subfield b present
    2. No subject headings (65X) or if present in languages other than English
    3. Notes (5XX) in languages other than English


    If the record matches the order or the book in hand and only a vendor/foreign cataloging agency record is available, export it to CLIO and use it as the basis for the preliminary record. Proofread record against the item in hand for typographical and tagging errors and correct as needed. Please note that in using these records some fields have to be adjusted or deleted in order to be saved in Voyager.

    Accept the fixed and variable field information on the record with the following modifications:

    1. Change Encoding Level value to 5, if it does not already read 5.

    2. Add any missing fixed and variable fields that would have been added if you were creating a preliminary record.

    3. Delete 035 field if record is copied in CLIO but retain the 035 field if record is exported from OCLC.
      Go to 035 field summary

    4. If record has a 1XX, verify the name in 1XX field.
      Go to CPM-328

    5. If record is entered under 245, verify the first 7XX field according to guidelines mentioned in point D above. Leave the tagging as 7XX but delete the subfield e and its contents. Delete all other 7XX fields from the record without verifying them.

    6. Verify series according to CPM-327 and CPM-305.

      Note: If series on vendor/foreign cataloging agency record is tagged as 490 0 change it to 440 0. If a series on vendor/foreign cataloging agency record is tagged as 490 1 with an 8XX, leave it as it is. See CPM-308

    7. Leave all 65X fields in the record.

    8. Delete ALL 7XX fields if record has a 1XX.

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