Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-328]


Authority Procedures


  1. In CLIO, click the Search icon on the toolbar. If necessary, click the Non-Keyword tab to display the Non-Keyword search screen. From the drop-down menu in the "Search by" box select the Name Headings Search (Staff). Click to select the appropriate type of name heading in the "Heading Types Filter" box. Type the name you are verifying in the "Search for" box (in the form last name, first name for personal names) and click Do Search.

  2. If the search results in no hits, re-search using the Subject Headings Search (Staff).

  3. Search results are returned in the "Headings List" dialog box. Click the name to highlight it.

    1. If "Authorized" appears in the left column, the name as it appears in the dialog box is the authorized form. Click Authority and a new dialog box will open, asking you to select the authority record (even if there is only one). If necessary, click to highlight the name whose authority record you would like to retrieve and click OK. Copy and paste the form found in the 1XX field into your preliminary or tracking record.

    2. If "Reference" appears in the left column, the name as it appears in the dialog box is a reference, not the authorized form. Click Authority and a new "Reference Information" dialog box will open, showing you the authorized form. Click Retrieve to get the "Select one or more authority records" dialog box and then click OK to display the authority record and copy and paste the 1XX form, as above.

    3. If there is no entry in the far left column, there is no authority record in CLIO for the name. Cataloging staff only (Acquisitions staff should proceed to section IV below): open an OCLC session, select the authority file by typing cho af, and search for the appropriate name heading (e.g. sca pn, or sca co). If there is an authority record for the heading, copy and paste the 1XX form to the preliminary record in CLIO.

  4. If you do not find the name in CLIO or OCLC, or if the search results in a long list containing many authors, enter the name into the bibliographic record as found on the title page (in the form Last name, First name for personal names).

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