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Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-162]


Record Creation Procedures


Tracking records are created for all monographic materials lacking copy that are being routed for original cataloging. If a firm order or an item obtained on standing order needs to be returned to SAS or MAS, change the tracking code to the appropriate acquisitions dept. Do not create tracking records to return approval books to MAS.

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  1. Click on Record on the menu bar, and from the drop-down menu select New >Bibliographic. The "Select Bibliographic Template" dialog box will open. Click on the folder called Bibliographic templates and then click Open. All the available bibliographic record templates are listed. Tracking record templates have names beginning with Tracking record... Click on the one that matches the format of the item in hand (e.g. tracking record for books.tem) and click Open. A new bibliographic record opens on the desktop for editing. Note that the title bar says [New bib record] Fill in the variable field data as follows:

    1. 020 (ISBN) or 022 (ISSN)

      Transcribe the ISBN (for monographs) or ISSN (for serials) if present. If there is no ISBN on the piece in hand, delete the 020 or 022 field from the record.

    2. 245 (Title)

      1. Transcribe the title as it appears on the title page or container, including initial articles with appropriate filing indicator.

        Go To List Of Initial Articles

        Go to List of Initial Articles by Language

      2. If the book lacks a title page, take the title from the cover.

      3. Capitalize the first letter of the first word, first letters of proper nouns, and all nouns in German titles. Do not transcribe statement of responsibility.

        Example 1:

        Title page: Boss dog by M.F.K. Fisher.

        245 00 Boss dog.

        Example 2:

        Title page: The Merchant of Venice.

        245 14 The merchant of Venice.

      4. Input subtitles. If there is no subtitle, delete the colon and subfield b delimiter from the 245 field.

        Example 3

        245 00 Monet to Manet : $b landscape painting in France.

      5. If title is very general, add author in a 1XX field and verify the form of name.

        Example 5:

        100 1_ Austen, Jane, |d 1775-1817.
        245 10 Novels.

        Go to Verifying Name Headings on Preliminary Records

        Go to more information on inputting titles in 245 fields

    3. SERIES (440)

      If there is no series on the piece in hand, delete the 440 field from the record. If there is a series, follow the procedures in Series Headings on Preliminary and Tracking Records

  2. Follow the procedures for saving the new record to the database.

  3. Follow the procedures for creating holdings record for a tracking record.

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