245 Title Statement

Use field 245 for the title statement. The title statement is the title proper and may also include the general material designation (i.e., the medium), remainder of title, other title information, and the statement of responsibility/remainder of title page transcription.

Do not enter underlining of the title found on the item.

Transcribing dashed-on data. Create a separate record for dashed-on items and information. Use subfield $p for the dashed-on data.

First indicator

Use to control printing of an added entry and tracing.

0 No title added entry

1 Title added entry

Second indicator

Use to indicate the number of characters to be ignored in filing if the title begins with an article.

0-9 Number of nonfiling characters present. Enter the number of characters in the article, plus spaces, punctuation, and diacritics that precede the first significant word.

    245 16  - -the world we live in
    245 05  [The golden legend]
    245 04  The Law chronicle
    245 03  La Cause du peuple
    245 13  al-Mostatraf
    245 12  L'opera completa di Watteau
    245 02  A field guide to wildflowers
Enter 0 if the title does not begin with an article.
    245 00  Origins
    245 00  British Library news
    245 00  R.L.C.'s museum gazette
    245 10  Eileen Ford's a more beautiful you in 21 days
    245 10  1984
    245 10  A & P
    245 10  I know why the caged bird sings
    245 00  Jules et Jim
Do not count punctuation, diacritics, and spaces if the title does not begin with an article.
    245 10  - -as other see us.
    245 10  & it is a song
    245 10  "Fly it away!"
    245 10  ..Uber das Marionetten theater
    245 10  "- - & co."


$a Title. The title proper should be long enough to identify the item and should be comprehensible. Enter alternative titles in subfield $a. Do not repeat subfield $a. Use subfield $b for parallel titles. Use subfield $c for responsibility data.
    245 10  Marcel Marceau, ou, L'art du mime
    245 14  The life of the mind
    245 03  Le Monde
    245 00  Catalogue & index
    245 00  Q
    245 00  Bulletin of the Malaysia-Singapore Commercial Association (Inc.)

245 00 Report on the ... Conference on Development Objectives and Strategy 245 10 Road map of 50 miles around London 245 10 [Lunar globe]

Treat a set of initials, an initialism, or an acronym in the title proper as a distinct word. Do not enter spaces between the letters or periods within the initials, initialism, or acronym. Enter one space between a set of initials, initialism, or acronym and the preceding and following data.
    245 00  H.G. Wells and the world state
    245 10  NAL newsletter
    245 00  IAVRI bulletin
    245 14  The most of S.J. Pressman
Enter a dash instead of marks of omission (...). If the dash occurs within or at the end of the subfield, enter one space following the dash. If the dash occurs at the beginning of the subfield, do not enter a space.
    245 10  Getting around- - in Germany
    245 10  If elected- -
    245 10  - -and then there were none
If the item lacks a collective title, use subfield $a for titles proper of the individual parts unless other title information or a statement of responsibility intervenes.
    245 10  Lord Macaulay's essays ; and, Lays of ancient Rome
    245 10  Four small dances ; and, Six Hungarian folksongs  
	    $h [sound recording]
    245 10  Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden : $b BWV 230 ; Jesu, meine 
	    Freude : BWV 227 $h [sound recording]
    245 00  Speedway! ; Spin-out ; Crypto-logic!
$b Remainder of title. Use for other title information (e.g., subtitles, parallel titles, etc.). Do not repeat subfield $b. Enter multiple subtitles and/or parallel titles in the same subfield $b. If the other title information has a part or section number or name, enter the number or name in subfield $b, not in subfield $n or $p.
    245 10  Edgar Wallace : $b the man who made his name
    245 00  Cumulative book index : $b a world list of books in the 
	    English language ... supplementing the United States catalog
    245 10  Wood Cree = $b Les Cris des for^ets
    245 00  Red herring : $b lesbian newsletter
    245 04  The Law chronicle : $b a monthly journal
    245 00  941.1 : $b newsletter of AAL in Scotland
    245 00  A.D. : $b Architecture design
    245 04  The Greenwood tree : $b newsletter of the Somerset and 
	    Dorset Family History Society
    245 00  Tekstiiliteollisuuden vuosikirja = $b Textilindustrins 
	    arsbok = The Textile industry yearbook
    245 00  Natuurbewaring : $b verslag oor werksaamhede = Nature 
	    conservation : report on activities
    245 00  Q : $b question : the independent political review : arts, 
	    business, science
    245 10  Why no Baal? : $b [sermon, Westminster Cathedral]
    245 10  Musique. $p Guitare $h [sound recording] = $b  Music. Guitar
    245 10  Pneuma $h [sound recording] : $b f"ur Bl"aser, Schlagzeug, 
	    Orgel and Radios = for wind, percussion, organ, and radios
    245 00  Gold und Silber $h [sound recording] = $b L'or et l'argent = 
	    Gold and silver

245 10 Kleine Meditationen $h [sound recording] : $f"ur Streichtrio und Harfe = Short meditations : for string trio and harp

$c Remainder of title page transcription/statement of responsibility. Do not include the edition statement or the imprint.
    245 14  The life of the mind / $c Hannah Arendt.
    245 10  All that jazz / $c Fats Waller.
    245 10  George Gissing and H.G. Wells : $b their friendship and 
	    correspondence / $c edited, with an introduction, by Royal A. 
    245 14  The Afro-American's quest for education $h [sound recording]
	    : $b a Black odyssey / $c produced by Pepsi-Cola Co. ; script 
	    writer, Norman McRae.
    245 10  Jeux de cartes pour enfants $h [sound recording] = $b 
	    Children's playing cards / $c par Giovanni Belgrado et Bruno 
    245 10  Saudades do Brasil : $b suite de danses pour orchestre / $c 
	    Darius Milhaud. Symphonie concertante pour trompette et orchestre 
	    / Henry Barraud $h [sound recording].
    245 10  Call of love / $c translated from the Danish.
    245 00  Application statistics / $c prepared by the Research
	    Division of the Council of Ontario Universities and the Ontario 
	    Universities' Application Centre.
    245 00  Bieler Jahrbuch = $b Annales biennoises / $c  
	    Herausgeber, Bibliotheksverein.