Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-425]

Policy Guide for Barcoding Accompanying Material

Item Record Procedures


Barcode material which accompanies a main bibliographic item only if it will be shelved and circulated separately from the main item, e.g.,a guide to a microfilm set, a separately bound index or supplement to a print item, etc. Use the CHRON field to distinguish the component pieces, e.g., guide, suppl., index, etc.

Do not barcode accompanying material that will be shelved and circulated in conjunction with the main item as a single unit, e.g. maps in a pocket of a book or a printed insert in a CD-ROM. Use the PIECES field in the item record to record the number of physical pieces represented by the single barcode. For instructions on use of the PIECES field, Go to CPM426.

At Columbia, an exception to the above rules is made for mixed media when one or more of the component parts consist of cassettes, sound discs, or computer disks. To process mixed media monographs of this type, Go to CPM679.

If the main work is a vidorecording, See also CPM685.

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