Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-426]

Use of the PIECES Field

Item Record Procedures


Use this procedure to barcode accompanying material that will be shelved and circulated in conjunction with the main item as a single unit, e.g. maps in a pocket of a book, a printed insert in a CD-ROM or an offsite book accompanied by a CD-ROM.

  1. Count the number of pieces represented by a single barcode. The pieces count does include the volume itself. However, if items are in a container, such as a box, do not include the container in the pieces count.

    Note: A piece count higher than 1 in the item record will alert circulation staff to the number of pieces in a volume.

  2. If there are more than two types of material, the cataloging record is complex, or the material is especially valuable code a description of the item and its accompanying material in the NOTE field of the item record.

    Example: Book with 10 transparencies, two numbered plates and a folded map.
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