Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-501]

Coding fixed field values (Leader & 008) in the MFHD

MFHD Procedures


    The correction or proper setting of the fixed fields in the MFHD should be handled at the time of cataloging or final processing. Most all records in Voyager CLIO that migrated from NOTIS have incorrect fixed field headings in the MFHD (Leader & 008). Most holdings records created in Voyager will automatically have the correct MARC values in the fixed fields set by a template.


    For all tracking records it is not necessary to set or correct the MARC fixed fields. The MFHD in tracking records may have originated in NOTIS, the Voyager acquisitions module or was created in the cataloging module by cataloging or SAS staff. For information on tracking procedures see CPM-551.


    Do not adjust the MARC fixed fields. Unlike tracking records, preliminary records are held or staged in a not fully processed state for a longer time period. However the setting or correction of the MARC fixed field values is not mandatory until the item is cataloged. For most cases the template used to create the MFHD will already have the correct values set. For information on creating preliminary records, see CPM-168. For information on creating preliminary records for Precat see CPM-165. For information on creating preliminary records for the Avery/Fax backlog, see CPM-166: Closed Backlog Procedures

    Note: The lone exception to this rule is temp-analytics which are processed as a preliminary record and eventually the bibliographic record is overlaid with a fuller record. Because the creation of the preliminary record is the last handling of the item and record this is considered the "final processing" of the item. CPM-552.

    FINAL PROCESSING (CATALOGING): When cataloging monographs, serials and serial analytics (both temp-analytics and standard copy) it is necessary to set the values of the Leader and 008 of the MFHD according to local policy. Any MFHD created in the cataloging module using the template "holdingsformonograph.tem" will have the correct settings for a single volume monograph. For all other formats, consult the following screenshots for local policy defaults.


    The screen shots below display the agreed upon default values for all formats. In general, the only default value that may be changed routinely is Method of Acquisition. If the item is clearly a gift, the default value of p may be changed to g


    Note: If a non-book format is also a complete or incomplete set, the leader and 008 Completeness fields should be coded appropriately.

    If the item is a remote electronic resource, code the Completness field appropriately. Integrating resources should be coded as Incomplete.
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