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Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-552]


Holdings Procedures


For temporarily cataloged analytics of serials or monographic continuations the status of the preliminary record is set to h instead of g. This is because the items are initially processed for their final destination and will not be handled when a batch-matched record overlays the preliminary record. After batch-matching we would not want to handle the record only to change the status from g to h.

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  1. STATUS--Overtype whatever value is present with h (not g, as in open backlog processing). This instruction applies only to preliminary records that have the tempanalytic marker in a 965 field.

  2. DT--Overtype date with today and press EOF key.

  3. COPY STATUS CODE--Input or adjust to 1, 2 or 3 as appropriate.

  4. CLASSIFICATION TYPE CODE--Input L or T, depending on whether the serial or continuation has an LC or other type of call number.

  5. LOCATION--Verify that the location in the copy holdings record matches the location on the T2 and the location of the serial or continuation of which this piece is an analytic.

  6. CALL NUMBER-- Input the permanent call number based upon the call number of the serial or continuation, including the volume number in subfield c.

  7. PAYMENT REFERENCE--Do not delete payment references.

  8. NOTES--Input your initials (in brackets) in a new subfield a after the payment reference.

  9. ITEM RECORD--Create item record but do not input a temporary location.

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