Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-270]


Bibliographic Record Procedures


This document inventories local fields, other than 965, added as part of Columbia processing or present on shared cataloging copy. 9XX codes found on cataloging copy are routinely ignored.

Many of the 9XX fields listed below support the RTI which is an LWEB presentation of selected databases and important online electronic reference sources and e-journal title listings on LWEB.

Some 9XX fields are protected during bibliographic overlay.

RLIN fields 955 (copy level information) and 998 (local control information) appear in bib records after download from RLIN but are removed when records are reloaded after LTI (authority control processing). OCLC field 994 (OCLC location symbol) appears in records downloaded from OCLC by catalogers and is removed when the records are reloaded from LTI. 994 is removed in batch loaded records prior to LTI processing..

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