Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-701]


Record Maintenance Procedures

Do not overlay or update a record if the 019 says DO NOT CHANGE BIBL.

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CUL sends Blackwell North America (BNA) a subset of new cataloging that fits the criteria for Table of Contents (TOC) enrichment. Records sent are US or Canadian single volume monographs published after 1991.

While records are being processed by BNA, copies (placeholders) of those records remain in CLIO. Bibliographic maintenance made to a placeholder record is lost when the vendor processed record is returned and reloaded into CLIO. To prevent this, the Library Systems Office supplies record status markers with text DO NOT CHANGE BIBL in temporary 019 fields in the placeholder records.

If a bibliographic record has 900 subfield b TOC, it has had Table of Contents and summary information added to the record.

Example: 900 $a AUTH $b TOC

Note: Edits may be made to MFHD and item records at any time as these records are not sent to BNA.


  1. If the 019 field says DO NOT CHANGE BIBL, make a printout and defer bib. record maintenance until the 019 field is gone. Records are out for BNA TOC processing for 3 days at most.

  2. Do not delete the 900 field unless you are doing variant edition cataloging.

  3. If you are doing variant edition cataloging in Voyager, you are creating a new record. Delete the 900 field and 505/520 if the record has a TOC marker. We are contractually forbidden to redistribute fields enriched by BNA to the utilities.

  4. After BNA processing, bib records will have BNA automatically coded as an operator with replace actions in the history tab.


  5. If the record was created in OCLC, e.g., a PCC record created in OCLC that subsequently needs an edit, correct the OCLC record as usual but do not download it if the CLIO record is out for BNA processing. Download the OCLC record only when the 019 field is gone and the record has an AUTH/TOC marker.

    Caution: Records overlaid by OCLC records lose their 900 field as well as 505 and 520 as part of merge/replace. Do not restore the TOC marker. It is cheaper to let the record go out for BNA processing again than to cut and paste BNA data back into the record.

  6. It may be necessary to delay downloading an OCLC record needed for record maintenance purposes if the CLIO record is out for BNA processing.

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