Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-690]


Special Materials & Procedures


Follow these procedures for special libraries serving limited clientel usually in distant locations. The instructions below apply to both monographs and serials.

These libraries include:


  1. Materials for satellite libraries should be cataloged rush and can not be backlogged. They should be cataloged regardless of other copies in the System. A satellite library does not count when considering if an item is a duplicate . They are NOT going to be bound.

  2. Materials will have a wide green "reserves" rider to prevent unbound materials from going to the Bindery.

  3. Materials receive standard cataloging, using LC classification.

  4. For locations ave,mura, ewng, and ital suppress the holdings record by placing a check mark in the "Suppress from the OPAC" box on the MFHD System tab. Follow the procedure in CPM-553. Do not suppress holdings for location egyp.

  5. For locations ave,mura, ewng, and ital if this is the only copy, the bibliographic record should also be suppressed by placing a check mark in the "Suppress from the OPAC" box on the BIB System tab. Do not suppress if this is the only copy for egyp.

  6. Mark and barcode material as usual.

  7. Check out all items to the LABEL pseudopatron. BSP will check in the material and route it to the appropriate individual who will ship the items to the satellite library.

Note: After egyp materials are labeled in BSP, they are routed to Butler Collection maintenance. After discharging, materials are routed to the Ancient & Medieval History and Religion Librarian to ship to the library in Egypt.

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