Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-003]


Pre-cataloging Procedures


This document specifies standards for monographic series bibliographic and MFHD records and the information contained within them. The document also records policy decisions relating to monographic series that may be more fully documented in various workflow documents. Series on titles not received on standing order, e.g., approvals, are verified following procedures in CPM327.


Bibliographic records for monographic series are used primarily as a hook to the Voyager Acquisitions line item and to ensure that acquisitions staff use the established form of the series on tracking records for monographs within the series. The records may also be used by cataloging staff as part of the series verification process.

The bibliographic record is suppressed from public display. NOTIS born records displayed in the OPAC and may need to be suppressed on encounter.

Note: Because the series bibliographic record is used by acquisitions staff to determine the form of series used on the records for monographs in the series and to determine local classification practice, the first volume received for any new standing order series should be routed to a supervisor to determine based on the LC authority file whether the series will be classed together or classed separately. The T2 will have NEW SERIAL checked to alert staff to consult a supervisor. If an authority record is not available, the volume may be processed as a sep cat (following national practice) or sent to SPS to determine treatment if there is doubt that the item is part of a monographic series. Cataloging supervisors will input the appropriate treatment code(s) in MFHD.

If volumes are sent to SPS for a treatment decision and the decision is to sep class, SPS staff will update and suppress the monographic series record as outlined below.

If there is any evidence of a series title change, consult a supervisor who will notify SAS. The series record may need to be adjusted with the new title input in field 245 and the old title moved to a 247 field.



    SAS creates a brief tracking record for the series or uses a record from OCLC. If a record must be created locally, the following elements are included in template:

  2. MFHD

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