Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-415]


Item Record Procedures


In Voyager patrons are able to place a hold on a particular title even before it has been cataloged and an item record has been created.


When an item record is created for a title that has a hold in the cataloging module a message "This item has a hold request. Please discharge it in circulation to notify the requestor" appears in a pop-up box. Later, in process of checking a book to a status patron a flashing screen appears with a message "This item is not authorized to circulate from this location" also indicating that a hold has been placed for a particular item. In case of doubt search the title in the OPAC to confirm that a hold has been placed for a particular item.

In order to speed up processing of these materials, follow the steps below:

  • Finish the checking out process (the macro used for checking materials out to labeling or binding is overriding the circulation message authomatically, otherwise override it manualy)
  • Insert a blue attention rider with the box "Patron hold in effect" checked out. See CPM-910
  • Insert a slim green rider in addition to the attention rider

    These actions will speed up processing, prevent item from going out to bindery and will alert circulation staff to notify the patron as soon as the book reaches the circulation desk.

    Note: Follow these procedures when cataloging for Precat as well. Instead of placing books on the Precat truck, check out to labeling and send through BSP.

    For additional information see also CPM-915 describing different uses of the attention rider.
    For eax materials, follow EA-TS 133 instructions.

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