Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-915]


Forms and Riders

The attention rider (see CPM-910) is a light blue rider indicating that there are additional instructions for departmental or cataloging staff in the CLIO item or holdings record including patron notifications.

There are three uses of the attention rider:
  1. If a book is accompanied by an attention rider and a narrow dark green rider when it is received in cataloging and the Patron notification needed box is checked it means that a patron requested the book and the patron information is located in the item notes field in the item record. In this case the piece in hand should be routed to the appropriate person handling patron requests.

  2. If the box Processing information is checked it means the item is a replacement and there is a message for the departmental staff in the 900 field of the holdings record.

  3. The third box Patron hold in effect is used by cataloging staff whenever it is discovered that a patron placed a hold on the item record and the attention rider is inserted in the book along with the narrow dark green rider to expedite processing. (See CPM-415).

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