Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-910]

Forms and Riders Procedures

Forms and Riders

Certain riders contain important processing and routing instructions for BCD staff and/or departmental libraries. These riders should not be removed from material until appropriate action has been taken.

See also Paperwork in Books

Attention Light blue rider indicating that there are additional instructions for departmental or cataloging staff in the CLIO item or holdings record including patron notifications. DCMM-700 (Receiving Materials with Reader Notification Requests)
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B Rider Bindery rider indicating that a monographic paperback is to be bound. Keep or place in book to alert BSP to bind a paperback.
(DCMM-1104 - Routing circulated paperback monographs for binding)

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Binding Slip Binding slips may include processing instructions.
binding slip
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Brittle Monograph Worksheet White form used by selectors indicating a monograph in need of preservation. (D115m)
brittle monograph worksheet
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Brittle Serial Worksheet Light blue form used by selectors indicating a serial volume in need of preservation. (D115s)

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BSP: to be labelled manually

Provides instructions for BSP to:

(1) manually adjust spine label text that is generated from CLIO to match the t.p. verso or

(2) adjust the title on the binding slip that is generated from CLIO to the text that is supplied on the form.

Consult [SCARM-"Subsets within analyzed sets-serials"]
HSL/Morningside Delivery Wrapper Spring green wrap-around band placed on books on loan between HSL and Morningside library locations. Consult DCMM-432
Interdepartmental Routing Slip A white rider used to route materials between departmental libraries and to route damaged items circulated from Offsite to Preservation.
Mixed Media Rider White rider indicating that item consists of more than one material type, e.g., book with CD-ROM or software with user's guide. For mixed media cataloged for campus locations, each material type is barcoded and is to be discharged upon receipt and then charged when circulated.
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New Serial or Title Change White rider which has a box checked indicating that issue is a new serial or first issue of a title change. Alerts dept. that local processing may be needed. Adjust or create binding information in LARS/ABLE.

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Reader request. C33 Yellow rider used by selectors to indicate patron notification for materials selected with book in hand. For more information, see C33 procedures

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TNIS Problem Rider. "T1" Blue rider used to route questions & problems between acquisitions & cataloging depts. or to selectors Not Applicable
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TNIS In-Process Rider. "T2" White rider containing routing and processing information including information about temporary locations not found in the CLIO record including Reserves information for approvals.

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Wide SPRING GREEN Reserve item (highest priority) Rider keeps items out of Precat and keeps paperbacks from being bound before being sent to departmental libraries. Also used to identify material for a satellite library.
  1. Process ahead of all other materials.
  2. Always charge to LABL status patron.
  3. Leave rider in book after cataloging.
Narrow DARK GREEN MAS inserts in books with attention or C33 riders. Keeps item out of Precat & keeps all paperbacks from being bound. Leave rider in book after cataloging.
RED Processed ahead of all materials except Reserves. Keeps item out of Precat. Leave rider in book after cataloging.
"CONTIN" LIGHT GREEN Volume in a monographic continuation received by SAS. Routes item for adding or cataloging.. Remove rider after volume is added and save for re-use.
BLUE Selected as priority 2 item with intent to process ahead of materials without a colored rider if possible. Remove rider after cataloging and save for re-use.
ORANGE Processed for Offsite if copy available. Processed for Precat if standard copy is not available.

Leave rider in book if cataloging is completed, but remove if the book is processed for Precat.

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