Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-401]


Item Record Procedures


Before creating an item record, create the holdings record on which the item record is to be attached. This includes setting the correct holdings location for the item in hand, establishing the call number, and, if necessary, creating (an) 866(s) with volume and/or other copy-related information. See CPM MFHD procedures for detailed information about holdings records. (See SCARM-260 for instructions on creating item records for serials.)


1. With the holdings record open on which the item record is to be attached, click on the “New Items” icon at the top of the screen (macro: <F6>).

2. Attach a new barcode to your piece, following the instructions in CPM-807 if the piece in hand is in the form of a book.

3. Scan the newly-applied barcode with your barcode reader. The cursor should already be in the Barcode box in the item record.

4. Set the item type to match the circulation policy of the collection the piece is being added to. For more information about item types, see CPM-420.

5. If your piece is either a volume of a set or is a supplement to a main title (including mixed media], enter the necessary information into the ENUM and/or CHRON fields of the item. See CPM-405 for more information on the use of ENUM and CHRON fields in item records for monographic works and SCARM-260 on the use of ENUM and CHRON for serials.

6. Click on the “Save to DB” button at the top of Voyager (macro: <ctrl> b)

7. As a check you should review the record hierarchy. If the item and holdings locations aren’t the same, look at the T2 to see where the piece should go and correct the record(s) accordingly.

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