Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-420]


Item Record Procedures


Item types control circulation and are one of the elements that determine circulation policy. They are assigned to categories of material that need to be identified and treated distinctly for circulation purposes.

In general, catalogers will assign the item type as part of cataloging and departmental catalog maintenance staff will assign the temporary item type if appropriate. Catalogers will, however, assign the Precat temporary location. Voyager requires that a temporary item type be assigned whenever there is a temporary location.

In most situations, item type circ is set in Preferences (Item Defaults) as the default. If an item type needs to be changed, use the pull down menu on the item record to select the appropriate item type.


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Note: Mixed media follow the rules for the main item. For example, code microform in the item records for both the microform and an accompanying guide. If a book has an accompanying CD, code both item records with the item type of the book.

  1. Is the item in hand a serial, video, microform, map or recording? If not, go to section II. below.

  2. Is the item sublocated for reference, e.g., leh,ref? If so, assign item type noncirc If not, proceed to Section III below.

    Note: Include Ref after the primary location in parentheses when writing the call number on the t.p. verso. See also Book Marking

  3. Is the item for EDS, i.e., leh,eds? If so, assign item type week If not, proceed to Section IV below.

  4. Is the item an exception location? If the item is for any of the following exception locations, assign item type noncirc If the item is not an exception location, proceed to Section V below.

  5. All other locations use item type circ unless a special project indicates otherwise.

  6. If in doubt, use item type circ.

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