1. Search for cataloging copy for the monographic title (not the series title).

    1. If standard LC or pcc member cataloging copy is found:

      1. If the call number in the 050 does not have a volume number, proceed to process as a monograph and accept the treatment of the series as on the record.

      2. If the call number in the 050 does have a volume number, search the series title in OCLC to see if it is cataloged as a serial or as a set. If cataloged as a serial (by LC or any member library) make a printout of the record and route it, together with the item, to SPS:STD If cataloged as a set (by LC or any member library) route to the contin. adder in MPB. If no set or serial record is found, consult supervisor.

    2. If standard non-pcc member cataloging copy is found use it to catalog the item in hand, classing it separately, even if the call number in the member record has a volume number. (If the member record call number has a volume number, a new call number will need to be assigned.)

    3. If no copy or non-standard copy is found, create a preliminary or tracking record as appropriate.

    Last updated: 02/22/99 kmh