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All of the e-seminars below, plus titles in a number of other subject areas including the arts, teaching, business, and finance.

Over 25 e-seminars on subjects ranging from the Civil War to slavery and the British Empire.

International Affairs
Over 15 e-seminars on subjects ranging from Israeli and Palestinian nationalism, to U.S. policy in the Persian Gulf.

Public Health and Science
Over 20 e-seminars on subjects ranging from the history of Dinosaurs to an introduction to cardiac care.



E-seminars are three to five hour online classes that bring together a professor's instruction with a host of teaching tools. Some of these tools, such as primary texts, are traditional. Others, such as interactive maps and timelines, are innovative adaptations of traditional learning resources. Still others, such as simulations and animations, are made possible only through digital publishing.

Columbia University DKV e-seminars are taught by some of the most distinguished faculty of the University. They incorporate videos of lectures delivered on campus while offering much more than the simple documentation of a class on video. The power of combining traditional and nontraditional elements enables us to give students an experience that goes well beyond what they could obtain in a classroom. A difficult concept, for example, becomes clearer when it is viewed side-by-side with a simulation or interactive map. A student's experience of a powerful lecture is enriched by the opportunity not only to hear but to see its subject matter represented visually in video and animation.

CERO subscribers can select from four different collections, all of which provide unlimited access to subscribing institutions on an annual subscription basis.

History. Over 25 e-seminars on subjects ranging from the Civil War taught by Professor Eric Foner, to the civil rights movement taught by Professor Alan Brinkley, to slavery and the British Empire taught by Simon Schama.

International Affairs. Over 15 e-seminars on subjects ranging from Israeli and Palestinian nationalism taught by Professor Naomi Weinberger, to U.S. policy in the Persian Gulf, taught by Professor Gary Sick.

Public Health and Science. Over 20 e-seminars on subjects ranging from the history of Dinosaurs taught by Professor Olsen, to the predictability of natural disasters, by Professor Lerner-Lam, to an introduction to cardiac care taught by Doctor Benjamin Lewis.

The Complete Collection. Over 90 e-seminars that include all of the above, as well as e-seminars on a number of other subjects ranging from the arts, to teaching, to business, and finance.

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Knowledge Centers

Columbia University DKV also publishes knowledge centers which are subject-specific Web sites that collect and organize a wide variety of resources useful to students and teachers. Knowledge centers include e-seminars, curricular material, document-based questions, primary sources, and an abundance of multimedia components. Our knowledge center, Columbia American History Online (CAHO), contains a wealth of material for high-school students, undergraduate students, and their teachers.

Columbia University Digital Knowledge Ventures

Columbia University DKV is a unit of Columbia University. Our goal is to foster the global exchange of ideas through the creation and dissemination of learning resources in a digital environment. We collaborate with the University's faculty to develop interactive learning tools, online e-seminars, and knowledge centers and then distribute these resources within the education community.

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