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Israeli and Palestinian Nationalism—E-Seminar 1, Debates over Partition
Naomi Weinberger
This e-seminar series looks at the history of Israeli and Palestinian nationalism and the resulting conflicts that have arisen in the region. In this first e-seminar of the series, Professor Weinberger discusses the legacy of the Palestinian mandate, the evolution of Zionist ideology and Palestinian nationalism, and contemporary debates among Palestinian factions and Israeli political parties. She examines the major interstate wars (1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973) and peacemaking efforts. Enter.

Israeli and Palestinian Nationalism—E-Seminar 2, Competing National Movements
Naomi Weinberger
In the second e-seminar of this series, Professor Weinberger examines Palestinian nationalism and the history of early Zionist thinking, outlining the debate over whether Palestinian nationalism developed as an independent philosophy or merely a reaction to Zionism. Professor Weinberger highlights critical differences as well as striking parallels between the two national movements. Enter.

Israeli and Palestinian Nationalism—E-Seminar 3, Wars: Strategies and Outcomes
Naomi Weinberger
In this e-seminar, the third in a series of eight, Professor Naomi Weinberger looks at the Arab-Israeli interstate wars of 1967, 1969-70, and 1973. After examining why 1967 in particular was a watershed in the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians as well as a major turning point for Israel's national image, Professor Weinberger looks at the forgotten war, the War of Attrition of 1969-70, and shows how it helped Egypt prepare for the 1973 war. Enter.

Israeli and Palestinian Nationalism—E-Seminar 4, The Israeli Foreign Policy Debate
Naomi Weinberger
In this e-seminar, the fourth in the series Israeli and Palestinian Nationalism, Professor Naomi Weinberger examines the evolution of the complex Israeli system of political parties and elections, and the creation of new voter constituencies from Israel's more recent immigrants. Enter.

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