Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-6851]


Special Materials & Procedures


These guidelines are specific to video recordings and when used along with procedures CPM-010 and CPM-011 help identify matching copy to the item in hand. They are arranged by MARC fields.

245 Title

$a Must match exactly unless the item has a parallel title and it is in this field.
$b Should match either in the credits or match the container subtitle.
$h Must match exactly.
$n May match but acceptable if in $b subfield.
$p May match but acceptable if in $b subfield.

250 Edition statement

The statement should match that on the container. If the statement is one for the version, such as "Widescreen", "Full Frame", "Letter Box", etc. this may be in the 538 field. Accept copy if this information is in either place.

260 Publishing information

$a Consider abbreviations or spelled out forms of the place as matches.
$b Corporate body usually should match what is on the container.
$c The date will, most likely, be the latest one on the container. It is assumed that a new date along with a new distributor may affect the contents by adding new additional features, using another aspect ratio (widescreen, full frame, etc.), or other additions which make the new content unique to the distributor. If the content of the item in hand can be easily verified to match the data in the record consider it a match even though the dates might differ by a few years.

300 Extent of item

Must match in all subfields accept for very minor differences in running time.

4XX/8XX Series statement

The presence or absence of a series statement should be ignored when matching the item in hand

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