SWIFT Special Materials & Procedures
Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-672]


Preservation photocopies are long-lasting replacement copies of deteriorating, damaged, or non-circulating documents and printed materials. CUL policy requires that these be cataloged on separate bibliographic records unless they are added volumes to an existing set or serial.

PRD will deliver preservation photocopies lacking print records and volumes of sets and serials to OSMC with a T2 indicating the cataloging location. PRD will do the cataloging when standard print copy exists.

PRD will in most instances initiate withdrawal of the original.

Consult CPM675 for cataloging procedures. In most instances it will be possible to derive from a print record. The call number will contain work letter a as usual.

The photocopy publisher should be Columbia University Libraries. Preservation photocopy services vendors such as Acme or Bridgeport should be ignored. If a 583 field appears in the record citing Acme or Bridgeport, delete the field.

  1. Single Volume Monographs & Complete Sets and Serials

  2. Incomplete Sets and Serials

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