Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-169]

Preliminary RDA records for Precat and Offprecat

Create a preliminary RDA bibliographic record if there is no usable copy when placing an order or processing items for Precat or Offprecat. When placing an order, it will often not be possible to fill in all fields enumerated below, enter as much information as available. Preliminary bibliographic records contain standard MARC fields with appropriate content designation and sufficient information to permit bibliographic match manually or by machine processing. The preliminary records don't require parallel fields for non-Roman script languages and diacritics in the transliteration. This document is intended to be used for materials lacking any record in OCLC or CLIO.

Search CLIO thoroughly before creating a preliminary record to avoid creation of duplicate record. Use the RDA bibliographic record template (rdaprecat.tem) for preliminary records, if needed select as default from bib records templates in Options >Preferences. In the template some fields are already filled in, make sure that they correspond to the book in hand.

Fixed Fields

Variable fields

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