Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-821]

Gifts: Using MARC Holdings Field 541 to Record Donor Information


Defined categories of gift materials will have donor information entered into the 541 field in the CLIO holdings record in preparation for the display of virtual book plates in the OPAC. In general, such gifts will not receive a physical book plate in the book. Until the mechanism for virtual book plates is in place, the donor information entered into the CLIO holdings will display in the OPAC.

Note: Eventually books associated with fund codes that currently require bookplates will also get virtual bookplates.  Until instructed otherwise, continue following CPM820: Bookplates for materials received on funds that require book plates.


541 is defined as "Immediate Source of Acquisition Note."

Record donor information in the CLIO holdings record in a 541 field. Enter the 541 after 852 and any 86x fields but before any 9xx fields.

Use first indicator of 1 for public note. Will be visible in the OPAC.  [If gift information is not wanted to display in the OPAC, use indicator 0.] RBML uses indicator 0 for most gift material.

Use second indicator blank. Undefined and only valid value.

Use the following subfields in this order. The content of each subfield has semi-colon for ending punctuation except for a period at the end of the date in subfield d.

‡3 Materials specified. Only used when specifying volumes.

‡c Method of acquisition. Always use term Gift.

‡a Source of acquisition. Use personal or corporate name agreed upon for the specific gift.

d Date of acquisition.  Use year gift is acquired and end with a period.

‡e Locally supplied field to prompt the creation of a virtual bookplate. Subfield ‡e should not have any ending punctuation.

Examples of public notes:

541 1_  ‡c Gift; ‡a Paul Levitz; ‡d 2012. ‡e plate:paullevitz

541 1_  ‡3 Vol. 2; ‡c Gift; ‡a Seymour Durst ; ‡d2012. ‡e plate:seymourdurst

Macros have been created that will add the 541 field below the field (e.g. 852, 866) with the active cursor:

A menu of all available gift macros can be invoked by pressing Shift + F1:

Pressing the number next to the macro name will run the macro. This menu will change as new gifts are aquired and the processing of older gifts is completed.

When processing large volumes of a single gift, it may be more efficient to create a holdings template that includes a completely coded 541 field that is applicable to the gift.

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