Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-300]


Authority Procedures

The series documents in the CPM are based on the following principles:

  1. Series verification is a three part process, consisting of form, tracing decision and classification. The LC NAF is the authoritative source for form and tracing decision. CLIO is the authoritative source for classification.
  2. Series form will be consistent with LC practice after vendor processing. Consistency will not be maintained between GC and the online catalog.
  3. Original catalogers will create Series Authority Records (SARs) for all new series and for any series which does not have a series authority record.
  4. Acquisitions staff will follow policies recorded in CPM301 when creating new orders.

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  5. Generally, all series will be traced. The Core Record Standard allows for the possibility of untraced series if a SAR has not been created. CUL will create the necessary authority records and trace the heading.
  6. Consistency in tracing decision will neither be attempted nor recorded. The present lack of an online authority file to record treatment change, the vendor's inability to change series tags from traced to untraced, and LC's inconsistent practice makes maintaining consistency prohibitively expensive and labor intensive. The LC NAF will be the source file for change or inconsistency in tracing practice.
  7. It is unnecessary to search any untraced series on LC copy. It is unlikely that a series not traced by the Library of Congress would be a serial at Columbia.

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