Assessment Project Management in the Real World

Download the Powerpoint presentation from the conference: Hour 1 (PDF) | Hour 2 (PDF) | Hour 3 (PDF)
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Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the scope, goals, priorities, audience and timeline for an assessment project in order to create a project plan
  • Design a practical project plan in order to complete an assessment project successfully and apply the results
  • Develop strategies for managing a project team and defining roles with the project team in order to work efficiently and effectively given a strict timeline
  • Understand how and when to use project management software in order to maintain communication and accountability with your project team
  • Identify your management style in order to motivate team members and problem solve in a crisis
  • Understand common project management pitfalls in order to avoid them



“Assessment” was a library buzzword that has emerged as valuable asset to college and research libraries, many of which have recently started assessment programs and created new positions to support these initiatives.  With early adoption, however, comes many challenges.


In theory, assessment is best when done early and done often; in practice, projects may fall short of this goal. Time constraints and incomplete information often push assessment to the margins of a project; worse, improper planning may lead to a lack of reliable data upon which a library can act.  How can libraries avoid these pitfalls at all stages of project development?  How can librarians integrate assessment into a project from the start, and succesfully carry out assessment projects in teams or committees?  How do librarians successfully manage assessment projects from start to finish?


This workshop will teach librarians to design and implement a project plan from the perspective of assessment, and lets you “do it right the first time around” by providing the tools and knowledge necessary to complete projects, understand and apply the results.  It will address the principles of good project management in the context of an assessment program, and seek to harness the power of available software to help you reach your goals.  We will help you to critically structure and define your projects, understand and overcome challenges, and provide an introduction to institutional research board protocols.   


The workshop will also help you learn how to effectively communicate throughout a project.  We will address individual management and communication styles as they relate to project team membership.  We will help you to understand and define the different roles on a project team.  Finally, as the web becomes ubiquitous in our projects, we will show you how to use project management software, not just to organize and plan, but to communicate and collaborate across team members, stakeholders, and end users.


This hands-on workshop is intended for libraries/librarians who have at least minimal understanding of and experience with assessment.