Columbia School of Social Work 
Field Education Department
Student Field Evaluations


At the end of each semester, field instructors complete evaluations for the students they have supervised that term. These evaluations are implemented using an online survey tool. In general, the procedure is:

  1. The field instructor receives an email with a link to each student's evaluation.
  2. The field instructor completes the evaluation.
  3. The field instructor and student receive email summaries of the evaluation; the field instructor's email includes a link to revise the evaluation if needed.
  4. The field instructor and student meet and review the evaluation.
  5. The student completes a survey acknowledging review of the evaluation with the field instructor.
  6. A final PDF summary report of the evaluation is emailed to the instructor, student, advisor, and Field Education Department.

Evaluation forms vary by year of practice and method area. To preview the contents of the forms, see the following:

Foundation Year Advanced Year
For further information contact the Field Education Department by writing to