Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-671]


Special Materials & Procedures


Vendors often supply archival disks or tapes of databases. These disks or tapes should be processed as added copies on the record for the corresponding database. They do not display to users, do not circulate and can only be retrieved by Preservation staff. They should not be classed or labeled.


  1. Catalog the archival copy as a second holdings on the record for the database.

  2. Suppress the MFHD record.

  3. Code location prd. This location will flip to off,prd when the item is accesssioned at ReCAP. prd is defined as Archival master not available for use - Contact Preservation.

  4. Code $k SUPPRESSED following the location.

  5. If the jewel case is flimsy, use a jewel case from Supplies. If the material needs a box, consult Preservation.

  6. Barcode material with CR barcodes following the procedures for sending non-print material to ReCAP.

  7. Code item type noncirc

  8. Route material to BSP as usual. BSP will sort the material for ReCAP accessioning.

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