Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-626]


Special Materials & Procedures


Staffing for cataloging and processing rare materials for Burke changed in November 2009. The changes were in response Alex's increased work on the Mellon grant, our inability to fill the temporary position that was to focus on Burke materials, and a request from Management Committee to devote more attention to rare materials.

We will begin by working off the Burke materials that were already sent over and which are in the rare book cage. Many of these have been partially processed. For example, Bill processed many bound-withs, downloading copy where available and flagging items needing original cataloging with a colored rider. He also downloaded copy for a number of items that now just need LC call numbers.

Bound-withs will be processed per CPM-625 where possible. That is, several bibliographic records but one holdings and one item record.

Organizing Materials

Alex and Susan will go through the materials in the cage and organize them into backlogs for each of the people contributing to the cataloging and processing of these items. These backlogs will in on shelves in the cage with labels on them.

Classification Schemes for Burke Rare Collection

Most Burke rare collections (MRL, UTS, Gillett, McAlpin) have non-LC call numbers, but newly acquired rare materials are not added to these collections, so items from these collections requiring cataloging typically already have call numbers from their respective classification schemes marked on the item (cover/label/spine/envelope). In the case of any exception to this rule, the required non-LC call number will be indicated on the rider before the item is sent to OSMC/SCMC.

Items designated for the Tower collection receive LC call numbers, but none of these items will already have LC call numbers marked on them. So all Tower items will require an LC call number.


  1. Pre-cataloging at Burke

  2. OSMC/SCMC Processing

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