Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-622]



    At the Burke Library (and other older collections) individual articles such as offprints and special issues were cataloged as monographs. This treatment will be continued in the retrospective cataloging of these materials.

    Note: For current cataloging, articles from journals are considered duplicates unless they are special issues.

  1. Detached Article

    Follow Beinecke cataloging manual example:

    500 $a Detached from Victorian studies, December 1957.

    Do not code an added entry for the periodical.

  2. Offprint of an Article

    Code fixed field Form r

    Code type of date r with reprint/original date:

    r 1935/1930 (1935 reprint of a 1930 article)

    r 1935/1935 (reprint and original dates the same)

    Follow Beinecke cataloging manual example:

    500 $a Offprint. Originally published: Bismark, N.D. : State Historical Society of North Dakota; v. 1, part III.

    Do not code an added entry for the periodical

  3. Unbound items

    The article being cataloged is not detached from the issue.

    Use 773 Host item entry. See MARC Format for examples

  4. Special Issue

    The particular issue of the journal is cataloged as a monograph using the special issue title (Example: The Bible).

    Code a 730 for the journal. Use the CONSER uniform title.


    730 0b Malaysian journal of tropical geography. $p Special number.

    See LCRI 1.6 and 21.30G

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