Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-620]


Special Materials & Procedures


Note: AVR and FAR (Avery Classics) books 20 cm (8 inches) or smaller receive size designation S in subfield m of the call number. S stands for small.


  1. Measure books if they appear to be smaller than usual.

    1. Book measures 9-15 cm.

      1. Process for the designated location as usual with the following differences.

      2. Check out both hardcover and softcover to BIND pseudopatron.

      3. Place in interoffice envelope and route to BSP.

      4. If there is no copy available, process for Precat, and insert a "B" rider. If the book is for ave/fax, consult a supervisor as the book may be cataloged or backlogged in a larger envelope.

    2. Book measures less than 9 cm. and it is selected for GLX

      1. Catalog for glx4off (change location in CLIO if necessary).

      2. Affix a double-backed offsite barcode for hard and soft cover books as if the item were a paperback. The barcode will be affixed in the proper position by BSP once the protective case is made. If the barcode does not fit, consult a supervisor.

      3. Check-out both hard cover and soft cover to BIND pseudopatron.

      4. Route to BSP in an interoffice envelope.

      5. If there is no copy available, DO NOT process for Precat.

        1. Change location to glx4off if necessary and add size in 300|c of preliminary record.

        2. Insert a red rider.

        3. Route and track to OSMC or if ave/fax route and track to original cataloger.

    3. Book measures less than 9 cm. and is selected for Avery/Fine Arts--Follow procedures above but do not change location to glx4off.

    4. Book measures less than 9 cm. and is selected for another location-- consult supervisor.

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