245 (Title)

  1. Transcribe the title as it appears on the title page or container, including initial articles with appropriate filing indicator.

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  2. If the book lacks a title page, take the title from the cover.

  3. Capitalize the first letter of the first word, first letters of proper nouns, and all nouns in German titles. Do not transcribe statement of responsibility.

    Example 1:

    Title page: Boss dog by M.F.K. Fisher.

    245 10 $a Boss dog.

    Example 2:

    Title page: The Merchant of Venice.

    245 14 $a The merchant of Venice.

  4. Input subtitles preceded by : $b

    Example 3

    245 10 $a Monet to Manet : $b landscape painting in France.

  5. If work is a microreproduction or requires a general material designation, add the form of reproduction or gmd in $h at the end of 245 subfield a.

    Example 4:

    245 10 $a Boss dog $h [microform]

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