965 Field For Analytics of Serials and Monographic Continuations


The 965 tempanalytic marker will prevent the preliminary record for a serial analytic from going to OCLC and will identify the record for future batch matching for standard cataloging copy. The 965 field will be removed automatically when a fuller record replaces the preliminary one, or the record is cataloged in-house and the cataloger removes it as part of final processing. The record will then load to OCLC.

  1. Input the word tempanalytic as one word into subfield a of a 965 field.

  2. Use lowercase letters and do not end the field with a period.

     020    $a 9514108094
     100 1  $a Lindow, John.
     245 10 $a Murder and vengeance among the Gods : $b Baldr in Scandinavian
     260    $a Helsinki : $b Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, $c 1997.
     300    $a 210 p.
     440  0 $a FF communications ; $v v. 262
     965    $a tempanalytic