Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-168]

Materials Excluded From Precat Processing

Record Creation Procedures

    1. AVE, BUSN, FAX, GAX, GLXN, LEHN, MIL, RBX, REF, and the Butler Reading Rooms: AFST, COMP, EURO, ISLM, LATA, MANC, MORL, PAP, SAID, SASI, and USHI.

    2. Locations for non-book materials, e.g. MSC or MSR.

    Materials for exception locations should be routed to OSMC.


    Items with imprint dates five (5) or more years ago should be routed to OSMC.


  4. Copy cataloging units in central processing will handle/route materials in these categories as indicated below.

    1. Blue attention riders for special classes of books: [1] patron requests (c33), [2] course reserves, or [3] replacement copies. Books should be routed to the CAD staff member responsible for each class.

    2. Brittle materials: follow the brittle materials procedures

    3. Incomplete multi-volume sets: Route to OSMC with a note in the MFHD indicating which volumes are being re-routed.

    4. Belles lettres: place on belles lettres shelf.

    5. Miniature books, i.e., books with a height measurement of 9 centimeters or less: Insert a red rider and route to OSMC.

    6. Mixed media: books with accompanying or pocketed material in a non-book format should be routed to OSMC.
    7. Note: Books with maps or microfiche in pockets can be processed for Precat.

    8. Non-book formats: computer discs, microforms, scores, sound recordings, video cassettes, etc. should be routed to OSMC.

    9. Oversize books: Books that exceed 38 centimeters in either length or width should be routed to OSMC.

    10. Serials: route to SPS.

    11. Serial Analytics: route to CAD staff member responsible for analytics.

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