Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-102]


Record Creation Procedures


Adding records from OCLC to CLIO under Voyager is a two-step process. The first step is to export the record from OCLC to an import file on your own workstation. The second step is to import the record from that import file to the CLIO database via Voyager. This document only describes the first step of the process.

Please note that this is very different from NOTIS CLIO, where exporting from OCLC and importing into the CLIO database were accomplished in the same step. Another difference is that it is no longer necessary to consider the 035 field at all when exporting from OCLC. There is no need to delete 035's from OCLC records, nor to add OCLC ID's to any preliminary records in CLIO, prior to exporting.


In OCLC, with the record you wish to export displayed, click the button with the yellow numeral 1 on the OCLC Passport toolbar. Or you can type xpo at the home position and then press the F11 function key. The message "record exported in USMARC" should display at the head of the screen.

If you already have records in an import file on Voyager, you will get a message in a FILE EXISTS box asking you if you want to overwrite it, append it or cancel the output. In most instances, choose append which will add the record at the end of the import file. Overwrite will delete records in the import file and add only the new record.

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