Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-813]


Note: This document should be used in conjunction with procedures described in CPM-812.

  2. With the exception of categories listed below, starting in January 2004 individual volumes of paperback multi-volume monographs (including those processed for Offsite, or coming out of Precat for cataloging) will NOT be routinely bound upon cataloging. However, these materials will continue to have the location and call number on t.p. verso, will be stamped, tattle-taped and will have a spine label. Materials left unbound will be bound after their first circulation or, for non-circulating collections, when their condition warrants. Materials for offsite will not be routinely labeled, but will continue to be stamped and tattle-taped.

    This document refers to monographs only, other formats are going to be handled according to existing procedures.

  4. The following are exception situations in which volumes of continuation SHOULD be bound, and charged out to BIND status patron:

    1. Volume to be cataloged or added is in physical condition that warrants binding, as described in CPM-812.
    2. Volumes that are received as a group and consist of non-consecutively numbered thin issues (i.e. where some or all of the volumes have 75 or fewer pages) should be bound individually.
    3. Volumes that are received as a group and consist of consecutively numbered thin issues should be handled bound together when possible. If, however the volumes are analyzed, bind the issues together if they are all on one analytic record. If they are on separate analytic records, bind each issue separately. If volumes are to be bound together:
    4. Fascicles
    5. Continuations issued in fascicles for Butler Reference or Burke should continue to be routed to Butler Reference or Burke directly.

      Continuations issued in fascicles for all other locations are to be bound individually or collated according to the procedures in point C above.

    6. Mixed situations
    7. In more complex situations involving continuations, consult supervisor.

    Once decision whether to bind or not bind is made, follow "Barcoding Monographs" chart

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