Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-705]

Uploading Records to OCLC

Record Maintenance Procedures

  1. Background:
  2. Only cataloged records are uploaded to OCLC. Acquisitions records and bib. record maintenance transactions are not uploaded.

    Before records are sent to OCLC, they reside in CLIO for 10 days or more to allow time for final edits and record completion. CUL's uploaded record will only display in OCLC if it represents a unique record in the OCLC database (WorldCat). Most of the time the upload to OCLC will only result in setting or unsetting ZCU holdings to an existing master record.

    See OCLC Data Sync for specific fields uploaded to Connexion under specific conditions.

    The only CLIO changes reflected in OCLC are the setting or unsetting of ZCU holdings. Holdings are set either from the addition of a new cataloging record to CLIO or the unsuppression of a cataloging record for a reinstatement. Holdings are unset when a record is fully suppressed in CLIO. Holdings may also be set or unset in WorldCat.

    Both Bib and Holdings should be suppressed to contain records within Voyager. With Holdings suppressed, they will not go out to either Blacklight or OCLC, but they will go out the Voyager OPAC.

  3. Schedule:
  4. The uploading of records from CLIO to OCLC is a manual operation performed by LITO (Libraries Information Technology Office) and therefore the exact schedule may be subject to minor variations, but in principle:

    1. An extract of records to be uploaded is made every week, usually on Wednesday.

    2. The extract consists of records created or updated in the week ending about 1.5 weeks earlier (i.e. not all created or updated records up to the time of the extract).

    3. Each successive extract begins from the cutoff time of the previous period.

    4. The schedule of extract files made and the dates they were sent to OCLC can be viewed online at  www.columbia.edu/~eo33/export.html

    5. The records will be extracted before either LTI (Library Technologies Inc) authorities or BNA/TOC (Blackwell North America Table of Contents) processing has occurred. (These processes take place on the first Monday after the fifteenth and include all records processed in the preceding calendar month).

  5. Load Criteria:

    1. Records are selected as follows:

      1. All bibliographic records whose last update in the history tab made by an operator other than LTI falls during the date range are selected.

      2. Additionally, all bibliographic records that were not updated within the date range but have had holdings added or updated during that period are included if the bibliographic record does not have a 900 AUTH marker.

    2. From the extracted sample the following adjustments are made:

      1. These locations do NOT go to OCLC: adm asx dsc egyp ewng gex ital jazz nyspi off,prd off,vmc sho site tcx test unkn unmapped vmc docs

      2. Bibliographic records whose only holdings do not have an 852 subfield h or where the subfield h contains "in process" or "on order" as text will be excluded.

      3. Files are pared down on the basis of 965 fields present in the bibliographic record. Most vendor-supplied cataloging for licensed electronic or microform sets and all otf 965 values are excluded from uploading. Vendor records that accompany print monographs, e.g., YBP are uploaded to OCLC once cataloging is completed. Uploading criteria based on 965 values are detailed in CPM-269

      4. If the call number in the 852 subfield h is a Precat call number, it will be excluded from upload selection. (These are detected if the call number begins with 1 digit + 3 alphas followed by a space + five digits [new precat] or 3 alphas + 4 digits [old precat]).

      5. If a bibliographic record is suppressed, or if all the holdings for that category (CU or HS) are suppressed, a "d" (delete) is placed in the leader of the bibliographic record (thus deleting it from the utility)

      6. The remaining file is then split into two categories:

        • One where the bibliographic records other than hs* or orth* are written to a ZCU file and uploaded to OCLC. (* signifies "and all sublocations").

        • A second where bib records with the locations hs* or orth* are written to a ZCH file and uploaded to OCLC.

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