Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-403]


Item Record Procedures


Item records for newly cataloged materials in Voyager are charged (checked out) to Labeling, Binding, or In Transit status patrons. Once an item record is created and saved in Voyager it should be charged. Charging (checking out) item records results in different OPAC messages which help patrons to locate the item.

In January of 2007 a separate status patron for labeling Offsite books was introduced, and different status patrons are now used for items to be labeled in BSP depending whether they are cataloged for offsite or campus locations. By using separate status patrons for labeling, the OPAC messages associated with each status patron used will give more helpful instructions to library users. For example, when a book is charged to a labeling status patron for a campus location (CATLABL001) the corresponding OPAC message reads: "In Shelf Preparation. Place a recall request". When a book is charged to an Offsite labeling status patron (OFFLABL001), the OPAC message is "En Route to Offsite. Try BorrowDirect or ILL".

The additional task of remembering to use the correct status patron to charge books needing labeling can be simplified by using macros that will automatically choose the correct status patron based on the barcode on the item, which can be done directly from the item record, without the need to scan each barcode in the Circulation module.


  1. Follow the steps outlined below:

  2. Alternatively, it is possible also to use the old macros while in the Circulation module, however, when charging books to status patrons in the Circ module you will need to decide whether your item needs to be charged to CATLABL vs OFFLABL in each individual case. The macros that function within Circulation for charging to status Patrons are:

    Alt + B Charges to CATBIND001

    Alt + L Charges to CATLABL001

    Alt + R Charges to OFFLABL001 (Think "R" for ReCAP)

    Alt + T Charges to CATINTR001

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