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BACKGROUND Harvard University Library originally compiled this list, adding abbreviations to selections from Appendix B of AACR2 (1998 revision). Holdings Statements for Bibliographic Items (ANSI/NISO Z39.71-1999) says to use captions from Appendix B or from other standard lists, or to create them according to the rules of Rules for the Abbreviation of Bibliographic Items (ISO 832: 1994).

Abteilung, Abtheilung Abt. *AACR
afdeling afd. AACR
aflevering afl. AACR
årgang årg. AACR
argangur arg. **ISO
arithmos (Greek) ar. AACR
Ausgabe Ausg. AACR
avdeling avd. AACR
Bändchen Bdchn. AACR
Bände Bde. AACR
Band Bd. AACR
band bd. AACR
bind bd. AACR
bindi bd. ISO;
book bk. AACR
broj br. AACR
bulletin bull. AACR
cást1 c.1 AACR
centimetre, -s cm. AACR
chapter ch. AACR
chast´ ch. ISO
chronos ch. ISO
císlo1 cís.1 AACR
czesc2 cz. AACR
deel d. AACR
del (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) d. AACR
edition, -s ed., eds. AACR
extraordinary session extr.sess. ISO
fiscal year FY ISO
fascicle fasc. AACR
fascicolo fasc. ISO
fascicule fasc. AACR
fasciculo fasc. ISO
füzet füz. ISO
gads gd. ISO
god g. ISO?
godina g. AACR
inch, -es in. AACR
jaargang jaarg. AACR
Jahrgang Jahrg. AACR
kn´iga kn´. ISO
kniha kn. ISO
knjiga knj. AACR
kötet köt. AACR
kvartal kvart. ISO
leto l. AACR
Lieferung Lfg. AACR
livraison livr. AACR
meros (Greek) mer. AACR
millimetre, -s mm. AACR
neue Folge n.F. AACR
new series new ser. AACR
new series n.s. ISO
nombor no. AACR
nomor no. AACR
nouveau, nouvelle nouv. AACR
nouvelle série nouv.sér. ISO
nova serie nov.ser. ISO
nueva serie nuev.ser. ISO
number, -s no. AACR
numer num. ISO
numer (Albanian) nr. AACR
numeris num. AACR
numero (Finnish) n:o AACR
numéro (French) no AACR
numero (Italian) n. AACR
número (Spanish) no. AACR
Nummer Nr. AACR
nummer nr. ISO
numurs num. ISO
nuova serie nuov. ser. ISO if space is not present
oddzial3 oddz. AACR
ordinary session ord. sess. ISO if space is not present
page, -s p. AACR
parliament parl. ISO
parlimentary session parl. sess. ISO if space is not present
part, -s pt., pts. AACR
parte pt. AACR
partie, -s ptie, pties AACR
periodos per. ISO
phyllos phyl. ISO
quarter qtr. ISO
report rept. AACR
revisé, -e rev. AACR
revised rev. AACR
rik r. ISO;
rocník1 roc. AACR
rocznik rocz. AACR
rok r. AACR
semestre sem. ISO
série, -s ser. AACR
sesit4 ses.4 AACR
session sess. ISO
stevilka5 st.5 ISO
supplement, -s suppl. AACR
szám sz. AACR
svazek sv. ISO
Teil, Theil T. AACR
teuchos (Greek) teuch. AACR
title page t.p. AACR
tom t. ISO
tomas t. ISO
tome t. AACR
tomo t. AACR
tomos (Greek) t. AACR
tomul t. AACR
tomus t. AACR
trimestre trim. ISO
volum v. ISO
volume, -s v. AACR
vypusk vyp. ISO
wydanie wyd. AACR
zeszyt zesz. AACR
zväzok zv. AACR
zvezek zv. AACR

* Captions marked AACR are listed in Appendix B of Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 1998 revision.
**Captions marked ISO are compliant with the rules in ISO 832: 1994. Information and documentation -- bibliographic description and references -- Rules for the abbreviation of bibliographic terms. Geneva, Switzerland: International Organization for Standardization, 1997.
1 Diacritic "hacek" over the letter "c" in this abbreviation is missing because it cannot be represented in HTML.
2 Diacritics missing: left hook under the letter "e," and acute accents over the letters "s" and "c"--cannot be represented in HTML.
3 Diacritic missing: Letter "l" should be Polish "l"--cannot be represented in HTML.
4 Diacritic "hacek" over the second letter "s" in this abbreviation is missing because it cannot be represented in HTML.
5 Diacritic "hacek" over the first letter "s" in this abbreviation is missing because it cannot be represented in HTML.

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