Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-582]

Standard OPAC messages in serial and set holdings records

MFHD Procedures


These messages were automatically created by notation codes in NOTIS. The messages migrated as public notes into Voyager without the accompanying code.

Input only the text of these messages into the 852 $z in holdings records. Do NOT input the old NOTIS codes into the 852.

(Note that some public OPAC messages require accompanying notation codes. For a list of these notation codes and public messages, see CPM-580.)

Text in 852 $z Macro Usage Old NOTIS Code (Do NOT use.)
Current issues in Butler Reference. \\bref   ci:bref
Current issues in Documents Service Center. \\dsc   ci:dsc
Current issues in paper. \\pap   ci:pap
Current issues in periodicals section. \\prs For serials in departmental libraries. ci:pr
Current issues in Periodicals Reading Room. \\prr For serials in glx only. ci:prr
Current issues in Reference. \\ref   ci:ref
Current issues on Reserves. \\res   ci:res
Current issues only. \\cio   cio
For later volumes search individual titles.   Cutoff note as it migrated from NOTIS: Do NOT use for new cutoffs or delete from old cutoffs. Coff
For volumes after [last volume recorded in 866] search individual titles. \\cof Cutoff notes for newly cutoff serials and sets in Voyager. [No corresponding code: new in Voyager]
Latest volume in Butler Reference. \\vbref   lv:bref
Latest volume in reference area. \\vref   lv:ref
Latest volume only. \\lvo   lvo
For holdings consult departmental library. \\nbv No bound volumes nbv
For holdings consult departmental library. \\nca Volume holdings not added by central technical services. nca
Previous issues on microfilm. \\mic   pi:mic
Previous issues on microfilm in Microform Reading Room. \\mrr   pi:mrr
Shelved alphabetically by title. \\sabt   sabt
Subscription cancelled. Ask for help. \\sc   sc

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