Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM500]

CLIO Location Codes

Location Code Spine Label OPAC Display
admn/aFor Library staff use only
afstAFRICANAfrican Studies Reading Rm, 607 Butler (Non-Circulating)
asxLEHMAN ASXLehman Area Studies
avan/aAvery Drawings & Archives - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avapn/aAvery Art Properties - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avdan/aAvery Drawings & Archives - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
aveAVERYAvery (Non-Circulating)
ave,anx2AVERYAvery (Non-Circulating)
ave,muran/aCasa Muraro <Venice, Italy>
ave,psAVERYAvery <Pres. Storage> (Non-Circulating)
ave,refAVERYAvery Reference (Non-Circulating)
ave,resAVERYAvery Reserves (Non-Circulating)
ave4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
avelcAvery-LCAvery-LC (Non-Circulating)
avelc,refAvery-LCAvery Reference (Non-circulating)
avrn/aAvery Classics - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avr,cagen/aAvery Classics <Cage> - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avr,rrmn/aAvery Classics <Reading Room> - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avr,storn/aAvery Classics <Storage> - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avr4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
bar,alumBARNARDBarnard BIPOC Alum Collection
bar,bdaBARNARDBarnard Archives (Non-Circulating)
bar,exhn/aBarnard Media Center Post-Production
bar,flipBARNARDBarnard FLIP Library
bar,fourBARNARDBarnard Fourth Floor Display
bar,imatsn/aBarnard Instructional Media and Technologies [IMATS]
bar,mediBARNARDBarnard Media
bar,milBARNARD<Barnard Library Collection>, Butler 406A, 406, 409
bar,newBARNARDBarnard New Books
bar,overBARNARDBarnard Oversize
bar,perBARNARDBarnard Periodicals Area (Non-Circulating)
bar,rareBARNARDBarnard Rare Books (Non-Circulating)
bar,refBARNARDBarnard IMATS Atrium
bar,rescBARNARDBarnard Course Reserves
bar,respBARNARDBarnard Permanent Reserves (Non-Circulating)
bar,specBARNARDBarnard Special Collections (Non-Circulating)
bar,storBARNARDBearStor:Barnard Storage
bar,threeBARNARDBarnard Third Floor Display
bar,twoBARNARDBarnard Second Floor Display
bar,znzBARNARDBarnard Zine Library
baran/aBarnard Archives (Non-Circulating)
bdcBARNARDBarnard Chemistry
bdgBARNARDBarnard Locked Case
bioBIOLOGYTemporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
bio,caseBIOLOGYBiology Locked Case
bio,disBIOLOGYBiology Dissertations
bio,mediBIOLOGYBiology Media - Ask at circ desk
bio,mscin/aScience <Biology material>
bio,refBIOLOGYShelved in Engineering Reference (Non-Circulating)
bio,rescBIOLOGYGeology Reserves
bio,respBIOLOGYGeology Reserves
bio,serBIOLOGYTemporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
bio4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
bmcBMEDIAButler Media (Circulating), Butler Circulation Desk
bmc,resBMEDIA RESERVESButler Media Research Coll., Butler Circulation (Non-Circ)
bmc4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
bscBARNARDBarnard Scores
bsrBARNARDBarnard Sound Recordings
bus,disBUSINESSBusiness Dissertations
bus,elecBUSINESSBusiness Electronic Resources
bus,encBUSINESSBusiness Reference Encyclopedias (Non-Circulating)
bus,newBUSINESSBusiness New Book Shelf
bus,ratlBUSINESSBusiness Reference Atlas Stand (Non-Circulating)
bus,rcarBUSINESSBusiness Reference Career Table (Non-Circulating)
bus,rdicBUSINESSBusiness Reference Dictionary Stand (Non-Circulating)
bus,rdirBUSINESSBusiness Reference Directories Shelf (Non-Circulating)
bus,rdskBUSINESSBusiness Reference Desk (Non-Circulating)
bus,refBUSINESSBusiness Reference (Non-Circulating)
bus,resBUSINESSBusiness Course Reserves
bus,rfinBUSINESSBusiness Reference Financial Table (Non-Circulating)
bus,rindBUSINESSBusiness Reference Index Table (Non-Circulating)
bus,storBUSINESSBusiness <S> - Ask at circ desk
bus4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
busnBUSINESS NONCIRCBusiness (Non-Circulating)
bwcBARNARDBarnard Center For Research On Women
cheCHEMTemporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
che,anxCHEMAnnex - Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
che,disCHEMChemistry Dissertations
che,engrCHEMEngineering <Chemistry material>
che,mediCHEMChemistry Media - Ask At Circ Desk
che,refCHEMChemistry Reference (Non-Circulating)
che,resCHEMMathematics Reserves
che,rrefCHEMChemistry Ready Reference (Non-Circulating)
che,rserCHEMChemistry Review Serials (Non-Circulating)
che,serCHEMTemporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
che4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
clmUARCHIVEUniversity Archives, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
compMODERN COMPARComp Lit & Society Reading Room, 615 Butler (Non-Circ)
dc,dhcn/aDigital Scholarship Services
dc,dmln/aDigital Music Lab
dc,dscn/aDigital Science Center
dc,dsscn/aDigital Social Science Center
dc,swxn/aSocial Work
dicCOLUMBRare Book Columbia Dissertations (Non-Circulating)
dic,anx2COLUMBButler Storage - Ask in Rare Books (Non-Circulating)
dic4offOFFSITE COLUMBFor Offsite
disn/aFor Library staff use only
docsDOCSERVLehman US Government Documents
docs,edsDOCSERVLehman Electronic Data Service (Non-Circulating)
docs,gpoDOCSERVLehman US Government Documents GPO Access
docs,indDOCSERVLehman US Government Documents Index Tables (Non-Circ)
docs,mapDOCSERVLehman Map Room (Non-Circulating)
docs,refDOCSERVLehman US Government Documents Reference (Non-Circulating)
docs,rrefDOCSERVLehman US Government Documents Ready Reference (Non-Circ)
docs4offn/aFor Offsite
dscDOCSERVLehman US Government Documents
eaaEASTASIA ARCHIVESEast Asian Archives (Non-Circulating)
eaa4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
ealEASTASIAEast Asian
eal,anxEASTASIAAnnex - Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
eal,anx2EASTASIAEast Asian
eal,cageEASTASIAEast Asian Cage (Non-Circulating)
eal,folEASTASIAEast Asian Folios (Non-Circulating)
eal,kresEASTASIAEast Asian Kress Room (Non-Circulating)
eal,rareEASTASIA RAREEast Asian Rare Books (Non-Circulating)
eal,refEASTASIAEast Asian Reference (Non-Circulating)
eal,resEASTASIAEast Asian Reserves
eal,skyEASTASIAEast Asian Skylight Room (Non-Circulating)
eal,specEASTASIAEast Asian Special Collection (Non-Circulating)
eal4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
eanOFFSITEEast Asian (Non-Circulating)
earOFFSITEEast Asian (Restricted)
eaxEASTASIAEast Asian
eax,anxEASTASIAAnnex - Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
eax,anx2EASTASIAEast Asian
eax,cageEASTASIA CAGEEast Asian Cage (Non-Circulating)
eax,folEASTASIA FOLIOEast Asian Folios (Non-Circulating)
eax,hslEASTASIAEast Asian <H> - Ask at circ desk
eax,kresEASTASIA KRESSEast Asian Kress Room (Non-Circulating)
eax,lehEASTASIAEast Asian <L> - Ask at circ desk
eax,rareEASTASIA RAREEast Asian Rare Books (Non-Circulating)
eax,refEASTASIA REFEast Asian Reference (Non-Circulating)
eax,ref2EASTASIA REF2East Asian Ref Overflow, 250 Level (Non-Circulating)
eax,resEASTASIAEast Asian Reserves
eax,semEASTASIAEast Asian Seminar Shelf (Non-Circulating)
eax,skyEASTASIA SKYLIGHTEast Asian Skylight Room (Non-Circulating)
eax,specEASTASIA SPECIAL COLLEast Asian Special Collection (Non-Circulating)
eax,tibEASTASIA TIBETANEast Asian Tibetan Pecha Collection, Room 106
eax4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
egypEGYPTDakhla Library <Egypt> (On-site use in Egypt only)
engENGINEERUnavailable. Ask for help in Science & Engineering
eng,anxENGINEERAnnex - Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
eng,anx2ENGINEEREngineering <Offsite>
eng,atlsENGINEEREngineering Atlases (Non-Circulating)
eng,indENGINEEREngineering Indexes (Non-Circulating)
eng,mediENGINEEREngineering Media - Ask at circ desk
eng,refENGINEEREngineering Reference (Non-Circulating)
eng,resENGINEEREngineering Reserves
eng4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
etsELECTEXTDigital Scholarship Services, 305 Butler (Non-Circulating)
euroEARLY MODERNEarly Modern/Modern Europe Reading Rm, 504 Butler (Non-Circ)
ewngEWINGGeoscience <E> - Ask at circ desk
faan/aAvery Drawings & Archives - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
farn/aAvery Classics (Non-Circulating)
far,cagen/aAvery Classics <Cage> - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
far,rrmn/aAvery Classics <Reading Room> (Non-Circulating)
far,storn/aAvery Classics <Storage> (Non-Circulating)
far4offn/aFor Offsite
faxFINEARTSAvery Fine Arts (Non-Circulating)
fax,anx2FINEARTSAvery Fine Arts (Non-Circulating)
fax,psFINEARTSAvery Fine Arts <Pres. Storage> (Non-Circulating)
fax,refFINEARTSAvery Reference (Non-Circulating)
fax,resFINEARTSAvery Reserves (Non-Circulating)
fax4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
faxlcAvery-LCAvery-LC (Non-Circulating)
faxlc,refAvery-LCAvery Reference (Non-circulating)
gaxGRAPHARTRare Book Graphic Arts (Non-Circulating)
gexn/aFor Library staff use only
glg,folGEOLOGYGeology Folios (Non-Circulating)
glg,gsciGEOLOGYGeoscience <Geology material>
glg,indGEOLOGYGeology Indexes (Non-Circulating)
glg,keyjGEOLOGYGeology Key Journals (Non-Circulating)
glg,mediGEOLOGYGeology Media - Ask at circ desk
glg,refGEOLOGYGeology Reference (Non-Circulating)
glg,resGEOLOGYGeology Reserves
glg4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
glxBUTLSTAXButler Stacks (Enter at the Butler Circulation Desk)
glx,anxBUTLSTAXAnnex - Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
glx,anx2BUTLSTAXButler Storage - Ask at Butler Circulation
glx,folBUTLSTAX FOLIOButler Stacks Folios
glx,ltdBUTLSTAXButler Stacks (Enter at the Butler Circulation Desk.)
glx,preGLX PREPrecataloging - Request at Butler Circulation
glx,rareBUTLSTAX RARERare Book Stack Cage (Non-Circulating)
glx4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
glxnBUTLSTAX NONCIRCButler Stacks (Non-Circulating)
gncCOMICSGraphic Novels Collection, Butler 4th Fl. West
gnc,folCOMICSGraphic Novels Coll, Butler 4th Fl. West (Non-Circulating)
gnc4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
grrrn/aButler Restricted Access - Ask at Butler Circulation
gsc,atlcGEOSCIGeoscience Atlas Cases (Non-Circulating)
gsc,atlsGEOSCIGeoscience Atlas Shelves (Non-Circulating)
gsc,geolGEOSCIGeology <Geoscience material>
gsc,jourGEOSCIGeoscience Journals
gsc,mapGEOSCIGeoscience Map Room
gsc,mediGEOSCIGeoscience Media - Ask at circ desk
gsc,refGEOSCIGeoscience Reference (Non-Circulating)
gsc,resGEOSCIGeoscience Reserves
gsc4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
hmcMEDIA CENTERHumanities Media Center, 115 Lewisohn
hmlMEDIA CENTERHumanities Media Center, 115 Lewisohn
hsln/aHealth Sciences
hsl,admn/aFor Library Staff use only
hsl,clncyn/aTemporarily unavailable (HSL). Try Borrow Direct or ILL
hsl,lann/aHealth Sciences Local Area Network
hsl,leirn/aHealth Sciences Leisure Collection (Non-Circulating)
hsl,mcoln/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll M-Coll (Non-Circulating)
hsl,mcrfn/aHealth Sciences Media Reference (Non-Circulating)
hsl,mcrsn/aHealth Sciences Media Reserves
hsl,medin/aHealth Sciences Media
hsl,micrn/aHealth Sciences Microforms (Non-Circulating)
hsl,netn/aHealth Sciences Networked Resource
hsl,newn/aHealth Sciences New Book Shelf
hsl,overn/aHealth Sciences Oversize
hsl,rbkan/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll Hist Coll (Non-Circulating)
hsl,rbkrn/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll Rare Book (Non-Circulating)
hsl,refn/aHealth Sciences Reference (Non-Circ) - Ask for Assistance
hsl,resn/aHealth Sciences Reserve
hsl,rescn/aHealth Sciences Course Reserves
hsl,restn/aHealth Sciences Restricted
hsl,scaun/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll Auchincloss (Non-Circulating)
hsl,scfrn/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll Freud (Non-Circulating)
hsl,schyn/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll Hyman (Non-Circulating)
hsl,scmsn/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll Mss (Non-Circulating)
hsl,scrfn/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll Reference (Non-Circulating)
hsl,scstn/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll (Non-Circulating)
hsl,srefn/aHealth Sciences Knowledge Center (Non-Circulating)
hsl,stdyREADING ROOMHealth Sciences Study Collection (Non-Circulating)
hsl,strn/aHealth Sciences Knowledge Center
hsl,stxn/aHealth Sciences Knowledge Center
hsl4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
hsxn/aHealth Sciences
hsx,leirn/aHealth Sciences Leisure Collection (Non-Circulating)
hsx,mcoln/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll M-Coll (Non-Circulating)
hsx,mcrfn/aHealth Sciences Media Reference (Non-Circulating)
hsx,mcrsn/aHealth Sciences Media Reserve
hsx,medin/aHealth Sciences Media
hsx,overn/aHealth Sciences Oversize
hsx,rbkan/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll Hist Coll (Non-Circulating)
hsx,rbkrn/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll Rare Book (Non-Circulating)
hsx,refn/aHealth Sciences Reference (Non-Circulating)
hsx,resn/aHealth Sciences Reserve
hsx,rescn/aHealth Sciences Course Reserves
hsx,restn/aHealth Sciences Restricted
hsx,scmsn/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll Mss (Non-Circulating)
hsx,scrfn/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll Reference (Non-Circulating)
hsx,scstn/aHealth Sciences Spec Coll (Non-Circulating)
hsx,stxn/aHealth Sciences Knowledge Center
islmISLAMICIslamic Studies Reading Rm, 602 Butler (Non-Circulating)
italn/aItalian Academy
jazzn/aJazz Studies Center <Prentis>
jou,overJOURNJournalism Oversize
jou,refJOURNJournalism Reference (Non-Circulating)
jou,resJOURNJournalism Reserves
jou4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
lataLATINAMLatin American Studies Read Rm, 503 Butler (Non-Circulating)
leh,atlsLEHMAN ATLASLehman Atlas Collection (Non-Circulating)
leh,bdisBUSINESSBusiness Collection, Lehman Library
leh,edsLEHMAN EDSLehman Data Service (Non-Circulating)
leh,hrafLEHMAN REFLehman Reference HRAF Table (Non-Circulating)
leh,plLEHMANLehman Indic Language
leh,ratlLEHMANLehman Reference Atlas Case (Non-Circulating)
leh,rdskLEHMANLehman Reference Desk (Non-Circulating)
leh,refLEHMANLehman Reference (Non-Circulating)
leh,resLEHMANLehman Reserves
leh,rindLEHMANLehman Index Tables (Non-Circulating)
leh,slavLEHMAN SLAVICLehman Slavic Reference (Non-Circulating)
leh,sncLEHMAN SNCLehman Soviet Nationalities Collection
leh,tibLEHMAN TIBETANLehman Tibetan Reading Room - Ask at circ desk
leh4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
lehnLEHMAN NONCIRCLehman (Non-Circulating)
les,anx2n/aButler Stacks
lspLEHMAN SUITELehman Suite, 406 SIA (Non-Circulating)
mancANCMEDAncient/Medieval Reading Rm, 603 Butler (Non-Circulating)
manc,dicANCMED DICTAncient/Medieval Reading Rm Dictionaries (Non-Circulating)
mapLEHMAN MAPLehman Map Room (Non-Circulating)
mat,anxMATHAnnex - Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
mat,mediMATHMathematics Media - Ask at circ desk
mat,overMATH OVERSIZEMathematics Oversize
mat,refMATHMath-Science Reference (Non-Circulating)
mat,resMATHMathematics Reserves
mat,serMATHMathematics Serials (Non-Circulating)
mat4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
milMILSTEINMilstein [Butler]
mil,anx2MILSTEINButler Storage - Ask at Butler Circulation
mil,overMILSTEIN OVERSIZEMilstein Oversize, 209 Butler
mil,resMILSTEIN RESERVESButler Reserves, Butler Circulation Desk
mil,stdyMILSTEIN STUDYMilstein Study, 209 Butler (Non-Circulating)
morlMORAL POLITMoral & Political Theory Read Rm, 504 Butler (Non-Circ)
mrrMICRORRButler Microforms, 401 Butler
mrr,anx2MICRORRButler Microforms, 401 Butler
mrr,flipBUTLER FLIPButler FLIP Library, 401 Butler
mrr4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
msan/aMusic South Asia Recordings
mscMUSIC SCORESMusic Scores
msc,anxMUSIC SCORESAnnex - Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
msc,anx2MUSIC SCORESOffsite staging - Apply at Music Library
msc,caseMUSIC SCORESMusic Scores Case (Non-Circulating)
msc,folMUSIC SCORESMusic Scores Folios
msc,rareMUSIC SCORESRare Book Music deposit (Non-Circulating)
msc,refMUSIC SCORESMusic Scores Reference (Non-Circulating)
msc,rescMUSIC SCORESMusic Scores Course Reserves
msc,respMUSIC SCORESMusic Scores Permanent Reserves
msc4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
msci,refn/aMath-Science Reference (Non-Circulating)
msrn/aMusic Sound Recordings
msr,anx2n/aOffsite staging - Apply at Music Library
msr,casen/aMusic Sound Recordings Case (Non-Circulating)
msr,rescn/aMusic Course Reserves
msr,reshn/aMusic Humanities Reserves
msr4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
mus,anxMUSICAnnex - Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
mus,caseMUSICMusic Case (Non-Circulating)
mus,folMUSICMusic Folios
mus,libMUSICMusic <Librarian's Office> (Non-Circulating)
mus,refMUSICMusic Reference (Non-Circulating)
mus,rescMUSICMusic Course Reserves
mus,reson/aMusic Open Reserves
mus,respMUSICMusic Permanent Reserves
mus4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
mvrn/aMusic Video
mvr,casen/aMusic Video Case (Non-Circulating)
mvr,rescn/aMusic Reserves
mvr,reshn/aMusic Humanities Reserves
mvr4offn/aFor Offsite
nyspin/aNYS Psychiatric Institute Library (Circulation Restricted)
off,avdan/aAvery Drawings&Archives <Offsite> Request at D&A (Non-Circ)
off,aveOFFSITE AVERYOffsite <Avery> (Non-Circulating) Place Request for delivery
off,avrn/aAvery Classics <Offsite> - Request at Classics (Non-Circ)
off,bioOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,bmcOFFSITEOffsite <Butler Media Reserves> (Non-Circ) Place Request
off,bsscOFFSITEOffsite <Business> (Non-Circ) Place Request for delivery
off,busOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,cheOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,dicOFFSITE COLUMBRare Book <Offsite> - Request at Rare Book Lib (Non-Circ)
off,docsn/aOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,eaaOFFSITEEast Asian <Offsite> - Request at East Asian (Non-Circ)
off,ealOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,eanOFFSITEOffsite <East Asian> (Non-Circ) Place Request for delivery
off,earOFFSITEEast Asian <Offsite> - Request at East Asian (Non-Circ)
off,eaxOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,engOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,farn/aAvery Classics <Offsite> - Request at Classics (Non-Circ)
off,faxOFFSITE FINEARTSOffsite <Fine Arts> (Non-Circ) Place Request for delivery
off,glgOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,glxOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,gncOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,gscOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,hsarn/aHealth Sciences <Offsite> - Request at HS Spec Collections
off,hsln/aOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,hsrn/aOffsite (Non-Circ) Request for delivery in 2 business days
off,hsscn/aHealth Sciences <Offsite> - Request at HS Spec Collections
off,jouOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,lehOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,lesn/aOffsite (Non-Circ) Request for delivery in 2 business days
off,matOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,mrrOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,mscOFFSITEOffsite <Music Score> Place Request for delivery
off,msrOFFSITEOffsite <Music Recording> Place Request for delivery
off,musOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,mvrn/aOffsite <Music Video> Place Request for delivery
off,oraln/aRare Book <Offsite> - Request at Rare Book Lib (Non-Circ)
off,phyOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,prdOFFSITEArchival master not available for use - Contact Preservation
off,psyOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,rbmsn/aRare Book <Offsite> - Request at Rare Book Lib (Non-Circ)
off,rbxOFFSITE RARE BOOKRare Book <Offsite> - Request at Rare Book Lib (Non-Circ)
off,refOFFSITEOffsite <Reference> (Non-Circ) Place Request for delivery
off,sciOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,swxOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,uacln/aUniversity Archives <Offsite> - Request at Univ. Archives
off,uncatn/aOffsite Uncataloged Material
off,unrn/aOffsite <Burke (UTS)> (Non-Circ) Place Request for delivery
off,utan/aBurke [UTS] <Offsite> - Request at Burke Library (Non-Circ)
off,utmrln/aOffsite <Missionary Research Library> (Non-Circulating)
off,utnn/aOffsite (Non-Circ) Request for delivery in 2 business days
off,utpn/aOffsite <Burke Library Pamphlet Collection> (Non-Circ)
off,utsOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
off,vmcn/aVisual Media Center <Offsite> - 820 Schermerhorn (Non-circ)
off,warOFFSITEOffsite - Place Request for delivery within 2 business days
oraln/aRare Book, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
oral,dgtln/aRare Book, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
orthn/aOrthopaedic Surgery (Non-Circulating)
orth,allenn/aOrthopaedic Surgery Allen Pavilion (Non-Circulating)
orth,overn/aOrthopaedic Surgery Oversize (Non-Circulating)
orth,rbkrn/aOrthopaedic Surgery Rare Books (Non-Circulating)
orth,resn/aOrthopaedic Surgery Reserves (Non-Circulating)
papPAPYRUSPapyrus & Epigraphy, 604 Butler (Non-Circulating)
patPATERNOPaterno, Butler Stacks level 7, aisles 14-21
phyPHYSICSTemporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
phy,astPHYSICSTemporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
phy,casePHYSICSPhysics Locked Case (Non-Circulating)
phy,mediPHYSICSPhysics Media - Ask at circ desk
phy,msciASTROAstronomy Collection (Shelved in Math Library 2nd Floor)
phy,nevPHYSICSPhysics <Nevis> - Ask at circ desk
phy,rabiPHYSICSTemporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
phy,refPHYSICSShelved in Engineering Reference (Non-Circulating)
phy,resPHYSICSMathematics Reserves
phy,serPHYSICSTemporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
phy,storPHYSICSPhysics <S> - Ask at circ desk
phy4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
prdn/aPreservation - Ask at service desk
prenPRENTISButler Storage - Ask at Butler Circulation
pren,ealPRENTIS EALPrentis <East Asian>
pren,eaxPREN EAXPrentis <East Asian>
pren,folPRENTIS FOLButler Storage - Ask at Butler Circulation
pren,mscMUSIC SCORESButler Storage - Ask at Butler Circulation
pren,mscrPRENTIS MSCRButler Storage - Ask at Butler Circulation
pren,msrn/aButler Storage - Ask at Butler Circulation
pren,psyn/aButler Storage - Ask at Butler Circulation
pren,refPRENTIS REFButler Storage - Ask at Butler Circulation
prrn/aButler Current Periodicals, 401 Butler (Non-Circulating)
psyPSYCHTemporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
psy,engrPSYCHEngineering <Psychology material>
psy,mediPSYCHPsychology Media - Ask at circ desk
psy,refPSYCHShelved in Engineering Reference (Non-Circulating)
psy,rescPSYCHGeology Reserves
psy,respPSYCHGeology Reserves
psy,serPSYCHTemporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
psy4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
rbin/aRare Book Incunabula (Non-Circulating)
rbmsn/aRare Book, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
rbxn/aRare Book, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
rbx,anx2n/aRare Book, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
rbx4offOFFSITE RARE BOOKFor Offsite
refBUTLREFButler Reference, Butler 310 & 301 (Non-Circulating)
ref,ac10BUTLREFButler Reference Bookcase M-O, 301 Butler (Non-Circulating)
ref,atlBUTLREFButler Reference Atlases, 209 Butler (Non-Circulating)
ref,bookBUTLREFButler Reference Room Stands, 301 Butler (Non-Circulating)
ref,caseBUTLREFButler Reference, 301 Butler (Non-Circulating)
ref,colBUTLREFButler Reference <C>, 301 Butler - Ask at desk (Non-Circ)
ref,dicBUTLREFButler Reference Dictionaries, 303A Butler (Non-Circulating)
ref,etsBUTLREFButler Reference <O>, 301 Butler - Ask at desk (Non-Circ)
ref,indBUTLREFButler Reference Index Table, 301 Butler (Non-Circulating)
ref,mezBUTLSTAXButler Stacks
ref,offBUTLREFButler Reference <O>, 301 Butler - Ask at desk (Non-Circ)
ref,overBUTLREFButler Reference Oversize, 310 Butler (Non-Circulating)
ref4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
saidSAIDEdward Said Reading Rm, 616 Butler (Non-Circulating)
sasiSOUTH ASIASouth Asian Studies Reading Rm, 601 Butler (Non-Circ)
sciSCIENCEScience & Engineering [NWC Building]
sci,anxSCIENCEAnnex - Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
sci,mediSCIENCEScience Media - Ask at circ desk
sci,refSCIENCEScience & Engineering [NWC Building] Reference (Non-circ)
sci,resSCIENCEScience & Engineering [NWC Building] Reserves
sci,techSCIENCE TECHScience & Engineering [NWC Building] Tech. Coll. (Non-Circ)
sci4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
shon/aNot Yet Determined
siten/aButler Circulation On-site use
slsLIBSERVAnnex - Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
sls,cagen/aButler Microforms <SLS>, 401 Butler
swxSOCWORKSocial Work
swx,agcyLehman SWAgencyLehman Social Agency Collection
swx,anx2SOCWORKSocial Work
swx,disSOCWORKSocial Work Dissertations
swx,rdskSOCWORKSocial Work Reference Desk (Non-Circulating)
swx,refSOCWORKSocial Work Reference (Non-Circulating)
swx,resSOCWORKSocial Work Reserves
swx,rindSOCWORKSocial Work Index Tables (Non-Circulating)
swx,storSOCWORKSocial Work <S> - Ask at circ desk (Non-Circulating)
swx,sunySOCWORKSocial Work <Suny-Purchase Reserves>
swx4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
tcxn/aTeachers College
uacln/aUniversity Archives, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
uacl,lown/aUniv Archives (Low), Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
unknn/aIn Pre-Order Process
ushiUSHIST LITUS History & Literature Reading Rm, 502 Butler (Non-Circ)
utsBURKEBurke [UTS] LC Stacks
uts,arcn/aBurke [UTS] Archives (Non-Circulating)
uts,audBURKE AUDIOBurke [UTS] Audio
uts,essxx1n/aBurke [UTS] Van Ess 1 (Non-Circulating)
uts,essxx2n/aBurke [UTS] Van Ess 2 (Non-Circulating)
uts,essxx3n/aBurke [UTS] Van Ess 3 (Non-Circulating)
uts,ficn/aBurke [UTS] Microfiche (Non-Circulating)
uts,filn/aBurke [UTS] Microfilm (Non-Circulating)
uts,giln/aBurke [UTS] Gillett (Non-Circulating)
uts,kitBURKE KITBurke [UTS] A/V Kit
uts,locn/aBurke [UTS] LC Stacks
uts,locxxfBURKE FOLIOBurke [UTS] LC Stacks Folio (Non-Circulating)
uts,macn/aBurke [UTS] McAlpin (Non-Circulating)
uts,macxfpn/aBurke [UTS] McAlpin Tracts Oversize (Non-Circulating)
uts,macxxfn/aBurke [UTS] McAlpin Folio (Non-Circulating)
uts,macxxpn/aBurke [UTS] McAlpin Tracts (Non-Circulating)
uts,mapn/aBurke [UTS] Maps (Non-Circulating)
uts,mrldn/aIn preparation for Offsite
uts,mrldrn/aBurke [UTS] MRL Day Rare (Non-Circulating)
uts,mrldxfn/aIn preparation for Offsite
uts,mrlon/aIn preparation for Offsite
uts,mrlorn/aBurke [UTS] MRL Outline Rare (Non-Circulating)
uts,mrloxfn/aIn preparation for Offsite
uts,mrlsn/aBurke [UTS] MRL Reports (Non-Circulating)
uts,mrlxxpn/aBurke [UTS] MRL Pamphlets (Non-Circulating)
uts,mssn/aBurke [UTS] Manuscripts (Non-Circulating)
uts,pern/aBurke [UTS] Periodicals (Non-Circulating)
uts,perrn/aBurke [UTS] Periodicals Rare (Non-Circulating)
uts,perrxfn/aBurke [UTS] Periodicals Rare Oversized (Non-Circulating)
uts,perxxfn/aBurke [UTS] Periodicals Oversized (Non-Circulating)
uts,prsBURKE PRES LABBurke [UTS] Preservation Lab (Non-Circulating)
uts,refBURKE REFBurke [UTS] Reference (Non-Circulating)
uts,refrBURKE REF RAREBurke [UTS] Reference Rare Rm. (Non-Circulating)
uts,refx3aBURKE REF RM307ABurke [UTS] Reference Rm.307A (Non-Circulating)
uts,refxs1BURKE REF Sec. 1Burke [UTS] Reference Section 1 (Non-Circulating)
uts,refxs2BURKE REF Sec. 2Burke [UTS] Reference Section 2 (Non-Circulating)
uts,refxxaBURKE REF ATLASBurke [UTS] Reference Atlas (Non-Circulating)
uts,reledn/aBurke [UTS] Religious Education (Non-Circulating)
uts,resn/aBurke [UTS] Reserves
uts,tmsn/aBurke [UTS] Thompson (Non-Circulating)
uts,twrBURKE TOWERBurke [UTS] Tower (Non-Circulating)
uts,twrxxfBURKE TOWER FOLIOBurke [UTS] Tower Folio (Non-Circulating)
uts,unnBURKE UNION STACKSBurke [UTS] Union Stacks
uts,unnrUNION RAREBurke [UTS] Union Rare (Non-Circulating)
uts,unnrxfn/aBurke [UTS] Union Rare Folio (Non-Circulating)
uts,unnrxpn/aBurke [UTS] Union Rare Pamphlets (Non-Circulating)
uts,unnxxfBURKE UNION STACKS FOLIOBurke [UTS] Union Stacks Folio (Non-Circulating)
uts,unnxxpn/aIn preparation for Offsite
uts,vidn/aBurke [UTS] Video
uts4offOFFSITEFor Offsite
vmcn/aVisual Media Center, 820 Schermerhorn (Non-circulating)
warWAREAvery Ware
war,anx2WAREAvery Ware
war,refWAREAvery Reference (Non-Circulating)
war,resWAREAvery Reserves (Non-Circulating)
war4offOFFSITEFor Offsite

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