Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM500]

CLIO Location Codes Used For Ordering and Cataloging

* For t.p. verso marking of reference materials, see CPM-801, steps V and VI.

Location Code T.P. Verso* / Spine Label OPAC Display
adm n/a For Library staff use only
afst AFRICAN African Studies Reading Rm, 607 Butler (Non-Circulating)
asx LEHMAN ASX Lehman Area Studies
ava n/a Avery Drawings & Archives - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avap n/a Avery Art Properties - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avda n/a Avery Drawings & Archives - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
ave AVERY Avery (Non-Circulating)
ave,ref AVERY Avery Reference (Non-Circulating)
ave4off OFFSITE For Offsite
avelc Avery-LC Avery-LC (Non-Circulating)
avelc,ref Avery-LC Avery Reference (Non-circulating)
avr n/a Avery Classics - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avr,cage n/a Avery Classics <Cage> - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avr,rrm n/a Avery Classics <Reading Room> - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avr,stor n/a Avery Classics <Storage> - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
avr4off OFFSITE For Offsite
bio BIOLOGY Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
bio,ref BIOLOGY Shelved in Engineering Reference (Non-Circulating)
bio4off OFFSITE For Offsite
bmc BMEDIA Butler Media (Circulating), Butler Circulation Desk
bmc,res BMEDIA RESERVES Butler Media Research Coll., Butler Circulation (Non-Circ)
bmc4off OFFSITE For Offsite
bus BUSINESS Business
bus,elec BUSINESS Business Electronic Resources
bus,ref BUSINESS Business Reference (Non-Circulating)
bus4off OFFSITE For Offsite
busn BUSINESS NONCIRC Business (Non-Circulating)
che CHEM Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
che,ref CHEM Chemistry Reference (Non-Circulating)
che4off OFFSITE For Offsite
clm COLUMB University Archives, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
comp MODERN COMPAR Comp Lit & Society Reading Room, 615 Butler (Non-Circ)
dic COLUMB Rare Book Columbia Dissertations (Non-Circulating)
dic4off OFFSITE COLUMB For Offsite
dis n/a For Library staff use only
docs DOCSERV Lehman US Government Documents
docs,eds DOCSERV Lehman Electronic Data Service (Non-Circulating)
docs,ref DOCSERV Lehman US Government Documents Reference (Non-Circulating)
dsc DOCSERV Lehman US Government Documents
eal EASTASIA East Asian
eal,anx2 EASTASIA East Asian
eal,rare EASTASIA RARE East Asian Rare Books (Non-Circulating)
eal,ref EASTASIA East Asian Reference (Non-Circulating)
eal,spec EASTASIA East Asian Special Collection (Non-Circulating)
eal4off OFFSITE For Offsite
eax EASTASIA East Asian
eax,anx2 EASTASIA East Asian
eax,cage EASTASIA CAGE East Asian Cage (Non-Circulating)
eax,fol EASTASIA FOLIO East Asian Folios (Non-Circulating)
eax,kres EASTASIA KRESS East Asian Kress Room (Non-Circulating)
eax,rare EASTASIA RARE East Asian Rare Books (Non-Circulating)
eax,ref EASTASIA REF East Asian Reference (Non-Circulating)
eax,ref2 EASTASIA REF2 East Asian Ref Overflow, 250 Level (Non-Circulating)
eax,sky EASTASIA SKYLIGHT East Asian Skylight Room (Non-Circulating)
eax,spec EASTASIA SPECIAL COLL East Asian Special Collection (Non-Circulating)
eax,tib EASTASIA TIBETAN East Asian Tibetan Pecha Collection, Room 106
eax4off OFFSITE For Offsite
egyp EGYPT Dakhla Library <Egypt> (On-site use in Egypt only)
eng ENGINEER Unavailable. Ask for help in Science & Engineering
eng,ref ENGINEER Engineering Reference (Non-Circulating)
eng4off OFFSITE For Offsite
ets ELECTEXT Digital Humanities Center, 305 Butler (Non-Circulating)
euro EARLY MODERN Early Modern/Modern Europe Reading Rm, 504 Butler (Non-Circ)
ewng EWING Geoscience <E> - Ask at circ desk
faa n/a Avery Drawings & Archives - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
far n/a Avery Classics (Non-Circulating)
far,cage n/a Avery Classics <Cage> - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
far,rrm n/a Avery Classics <Reading Room> (Non-Circulating)
far,stor n/a Avery Classics <Storage> (Non-Circulating)
far4off n/a For Offsite
fax FINEARTS Avery Fine Arts (Non-Circulating)
fax,ref FINEARTS Avery Reference (Non-Circulating)
fax4off OFFSITE For Offsite
faxlc Avery-LC Avery-LC (Non-Circulating)
faxlc,ref Avery-LC Avery Reference (Non-circulating)
gax GRAPHART Rare Book Graphic Arts (Non-Circulating)
glg GEOLOGY Geology
glg,ref GEOLOGY Geology Reference (Non-Circulating)
glg4off OFFSITE For Offsite
glx BUTLSTAX Butler Stacks (Enter at the Butler Circulation Desk)
glx,fol BUTLSTAX FOLIO Butler Stacks Folios
glx4off OFFSITE For Offsite
glxn BUTLSTAX NONCIRC Butler Stacks (Non-Circulating)
gsc GEOSCI Geoscience
gsc,ref GEOSCI Geoscience Reference (Non-Circulating)
gsc4off OFFSITE For Offsite
hmc MEDIA CENTER Humanities Media Center, 115 Lewisohn
hml MEDIA CENTER Humanities Media Center, 115 Lewisohn
islm ISLAMIC Islamic Studies Reading Rm, 602 Butler (Non-Circulating)
jou JOURN Journalism
jou,ref JOURN Journalism Reference (Non-Circulating)
jou4off OFFSITE For Offsite
lata LATINAM Latin American Studies Read Rm, 503 Butler (Non-Circulating)
leh LEHMAN Lehman
leh,atls LEHMAN ATLAS Lehman Atlas Collection (Non-Circulating)
leh,bdis BUSINESS Business Collection, Lehman Library
leh,eds LEHMAN EDS Lehman Data Service (Non-Circulating)
leh,ref LEHMAN Lehman Reference (Non-Circulating)
leh,tib LEHMAN TIBETAN Lehman Tibetan Reading Room - Ask at circ desk
leh4off OFFSITE For Offsite
lehn LEHMAN NONCIRC Lehman (Non-Circulating)
lsp LEHMAN SUITE Lehman Suite, 406 SIA (Non-Circulating)
lweb n/a Online
lweb,arc n/a Online
lweb,ref n/a Online
manc ANCMED Ancient/Medieval Reading Rm, 603 Butler (Non-Circulating)
manc,dic ANCMED DICT Ancient/Medieval Reading Rm Dictionaries (Non-Circulating)
map LEHMAN MAP Lehman Map Room (Non-Circulating)
mat MATH Mathematics
mat,ref MATH Math-Science Reference (Non-Circulating)
mat4off OFFSITE For Offsite
mil MILSTEIN Milstein [Butler]
mil,stdy MILSTEIN STUDY Milstein Study, 209 Butler (Non-Circulating)
morl MORAL POLIT Moral & Political Theory Read Rm, 504 Butler (Non-Circ)
mrr MICRORR Butler Microforms, 401 Butler
mrr4off OFFSITE For Offsite
msc MUSIC SCORES Music Scores
msc,ref MUSIC SCORES Music Scores Reference (Non-Circulating)
msc4off OFFSITE For Offsite
msr n/a Music Sound Recordings
msr4off OFFSITE For Offsite
mus MUSIC Music
mus,ref MUSIC Music Reference (Non-Circulating)
mus4off OFFSITE For Offsite
mvr n/a Music Video
mvr4off n/a For Offsite
oral n/a Rare Book, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
pap PAPYRUS Papyrus & Epigraphy, 604 Butler (Non-Circulating)
phy PHYSICS Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
phy,rabi PHYSICS Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
phy,ref PHYSICS Shelved in Engineering Reference (Non-Circulating)
phy4off OFFSITE For Offsite
psy PSYCH Temporarily unavailable. Try Borrow Direct or ILL
psy,ref PSYCH Shelved in Engineering Reference (Non-Circulating)
psy4off OFFSITE For Offsite
rbi n/a Rare Book Incunabula (Non-Circulating)
rbms n/a Rare Book, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
rbx n/a Rare Book, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
rbx4off OFFSITE RARE BOOK For Offsite
ref BUTLREF Butler Reference, Butler 310 & 301 (Non-Circulating)
ref4off OFFSITE For Offsite
said SAID Edward Said Reading Rm, 616 Butler (Non-Circulating)
sasi SOUTH ASIA South Asian Studies Reading Rm, 601 Butler (Non-Circ)
sci SCIENCE Science & Engineering [NWC Building]
sci,ref SCIENCE Science & Engineering [NWC Building] Reference (Non-circ)
sci,res SCIENCE Science & Engineering [NWC Building] Reserves
sci4off OFFSITE For Offsite
sho n/a Not Yet Determined
swx SOCWORK Social Work
swx,ref SOCWORK Social Work Reference (Non-Circulating)
swx,res SOCWORK Social Work Reserves
swx4off OFFSITE For Offsite
uacl n/a University Archives, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating)
ushi USHIST LIT US History & Literature Reading Rm, 502 Butler (Non-Circ)
uts BURKE Burke [UTS] LC Stacks
uts,aud BURKE AUDIO Burke [UTS] Audio
uts,kit BURKE KIT Burke [UTS] A/V Kit
uts,locxxf BURKE FOLIO Burke [UTS] LC Stacks Folio (Non-Circulating)
uts,per n/a Burke [UTS] Periodicals (Non-Circulating)
uts,prs BURKE PRES LAB Burke [UTS] Preservation Lab (Non-Circulating)
uts,ref BURKE REF Burke [UTS] Reference (Non-Circulating)
uts,refr BURKE REF RARE Burke [UTS] Reference Rare Rm. (Non-Circulating)
uts,refx3a BURKE REF RM307A Burke [UTS] Reference Rm.307A (Non-Circulating)
uts,refxs1 BURKE REF Sec. 1 Burke [UTS] Reference Section 1 (Non-Circulating)
uts,refxs2 BURKE REF Sec. 2 Burke [UTS] Reference Section 2 (Non-Circulating)
uts,refxxa BURKE REF ATLAS Burke [UTS] Reference Atlas (Non-Circulating)
uts,twr BURKE TOWER Burke [UTS] Tower (Non-Circulating)
uts,twrxxf BURKE TOWER FOLIO Burke [UTS] Tower Folio (Non-Circulating)
uts,unn BURKE UNION STACKS Burke [UTS] Union Stacks
uts4off OFFSITE For Offsite
war WARE Avery Ware
war,ref WARE Avery Reference (Non-Circulating)
war4off OFFSITE For Offsite

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