Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-902]


Forms and Riders


In August 2005, the BSCDG discontinued manually recording change in size statistics for additions for some fully reconned collections. Collection growth statistics were gathered and reported by LITO using data elements in bibliographic, holdings and item records.

The following exception categories were counted manually until July 2010.

In July 2010, manual piece counts were discontinued for all categories of material with linked item records. It was determined that the automated count is accurate enough for all collections and formats.

A major change was to count PreCat and Offsite Precat additions in change in size collections as part of the precataloging workflow. The reasoning was that they are both circulating collections. In July 2010, a count of all material in the precataloging backlogs was added to the total change in size collection statistics for each owning location.

The Avery backlog does not have item records and is counted only when an item is cataloged and has an item record.

It was decided that the relatively small amount of accompanying material in a format other than the bibliographic record, e.g., a CD accompanying a book, would not be counted because the work to capture that statistic is no longer acceptable.

It was also decided to discontinue excluding Burke recon follow-up from change in size statistics.



The following materials must be counted manually as additions because they do not have item records. A separate form should be used for each format.


Most withdrawals are counted manually by the departmental libraries that initiates the process and this will continue. The few central technical services staff who also handle withdrawals will continue to keep manual counts as required.




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