Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-245]

PCC RECORDS (BIBCO Standard Record)

Bibliographic Record Procedures

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) is an international cooperative effort aimed at increasing the amount of national-level cataloging that can be accepted with minimal verification, modification or postponement of use. PCC records are fully supported by authority work and follow AACR2 and the LCRI's.

  1. If a PCC has encoding level 4, do not change it to encoding level blank. Encoding level 4 was used prior to 2010.

  2. If the item is for RBML or is a rare book for another location, add appropriate bibliographic data. The BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) does not require fields that may be needed for rare book material.

  3. PCC records may have incomplete call numbers in 050. The standard calls only for a classification number in 050. Complete any incomplete call numbers in the holdings record.

  4. It is required to enter size in 300 $c only if the book is rare or is less than 15 cm. or more than 28 cm., consult CPM-605 for oversized categories. Add or adjust if the item width is more than the height, or if there is any other reason to record size. If in doubt, consult supervisor.

  5. If the Columbia form or treatment of a series does not match the form or treatment in the NAF, consult a supervisor. The series authority record may need to be adjusted and/or bibliographic records in CLIO may need to be edited.

  6. There is no need to verify name or subject headings.

  7. If a name, subject, or uniform title needs to be added, consult a supervisor if the heading is not in the NAF or SAF. PCC records must have all headings supported by authority records.

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