Cataloging Practices Manual [CPM-310]


Authority Procedures

	Generally, trace the series and create an authority record if:

a) the series title is distinctive, referencing a specific subject;

b) the series statement appears prominently in different languages or 

c) the series is received on standing order at Columbia;

d) the series is an important publication of a scholarly institution or 

e) the correct form of the series is difficult to determine, and an 
authority record would be an aid to future catalogers.  

	Generally, do not trace series or create an authority record if:

f)  the series title is very general; 

g)  the series title is generic, and it is issued by a commercial 

	When in doubt, use the following considerations to help decide:

h)  numbered series are more likely to be cited by series (adds weight to 

i)  if tracing series requires establishing one or more corporate bodies, 
weigh the value of series access against the work involved; if series is 
new, consider waiting to see if more appear.  

j)  if series is not new, and already traced on other records, consider 
tracing only; create authority record only to resolve problems.  

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