Columbia's Hierarchical Interface to LC Classification (HILCC) uses the LC Classification numbers provided in standard catalog records to generate a structured menuing system and and A-Z topical list for subject access on the web.  The HILCC call number map — jointly developed and maintained by the Libraries Digital Program Division and cataloging and reference staff — links each LC classification range with entry vocabulary in a three-or 4-level subject tree, for example:

LC Range: GN 301.0000 - GN 674.9990
Maps to: Social Sciences -- Anthropology -- Ethnology

A fuller description of the Columbia HILCC Project may be found at:

Davis, S.P. "HILCC, A Hierarchical Interface to Library of Congress Classification" Journal of Internet Cataloging, v.5, no 4 (2002), p. 19-49. Link to preprint version.

Please send questions or comments to the Columbia HILCC Working Group: hilcc_wg@libraries.cul.columbia.edu

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