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About DS-Access Version 9

DS-Access version 9 builds upon previous releases, with relatively minor changes to the underlying metadata schema, including renaming many of the tables and fields which hold the data to simplify database maintenance. To better facilitate content aggregation from a growing number of Digital Scriptorium partners, the organizational hierachy now extends above manuscripts to repositories and institutions, and below images to information about digitized image derivatives and URLs.

More significant changes were made to the application interface to provide new functionality for both entering and using the data. Some notable enhancements include new manuscript views such as browse, list, and datasheet, which eliminate the need to open the data tables directly to perform certain tasks as was previously required. The handling of image metadata has been streamlined, and now includes digitazation workflow features, and the ability to preview images from within DS-Access. New reports, data export capabilities, and various maintenance functions are also included in the list of new features.

An automated setup wizard and simplified data submission process should make it easier than ever to get DS-Access installed and get your data included and refreshed on the Digital Scriptorium website. If you have questions or comments about DS-Access we'd be glad to hear from you, so please see the contacts page.

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Last published: 2007-12-10
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