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DS-Access Version 7 Data Dictionary

This data dictionary accompanies the Microsoft Access database, termed DS-Access, designed in 1997 at the University of California, Berkeley by John Hassan and Merrilee Proffitt, in consultation for content with C. W. Dutschke; revisions have been incorporated over a period of time. The database is intended to collect in an efficient and organized manner basic information about the manuscripts held by the Digital Scriptorium partners, and to provide searching points for images from these holdings.

The database is divided into two sections, "Document" and "Image," with the first containing ownership (i.e. historical) information about the manuscript, then the descriptive (i.e. physical) and bibliographic (i.e. textual) information about the manuscript, as well as the caption information for individual images. The second section, which is not described in this data dictionary, contains the processing data about the image (i.e. image capture metadata, for example, type of capture, film type, shutter speed, frame, photo-CD frame, scanning specifications).

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