Change of Address for Individuals in F and J Status at Columbia University

If your address changes, you are required to notify the ISSO within 10 days of the change by completing and submitting this form. The ISSO will update your SEVIS record, thereby notifying the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of your new address.

You must also go to Student Services Online to update your address in the University's central student information system.

If you have changed to a status other than F or J, you must complete Form AR-11 online to update your address with the authorities.

Family name

Given name

Gender Male Female

Columbia UNI

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

Email Address

New Residence Address in the United States

Street Address Line 1
(Example: "123 W 123 St" or "890 West End Ave"
Do not use any punctuation, such as commas or periods, and do not put your apartment or room number on this line.)

Street Address Line 2
Put your apartment or room number here.
If you are at a hotel or hostel, enter the hotel or hostel name here.
If you staying with a friend or relative, enter c/o and the friend or relative's family name (c/o means "in care of").

(Example: New York, Brooklyn, Elmhurst, Ft Lee, Flushing)


Zip Code s

Telephone Number

New Permanent Foreign Residence Address
(Enter only if this address has changed.)

Street Address Line 1

Street Address Line 2


State or Province


Postal Code

Telephone Number


After submitting the completed form, your browser will display an Acknowledgement screen that contains all data submitted.