As of May 10, 2016, the STEM OPT regulation was changed to allow eligible students on OPT to apply for a 24-month STEM OPT extension. The previous STEM OPT extension period was for 17 months. The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) created the STEM OPT Hub to help F-1 students, interested employers and school officials understand the new regulation.

STEM extension OPT regulations require students to report to the ISSO any of the following changes within 10 days:

Send the DSO (Designated School Official) a validation report every six months starting from the date the STEM extension starts and ending when the student's F-1 status ends or the STEM extension ends, whichever is first. The validation report must include the student's: Students pursuing a period of STEM extension OPT must not:

You are responsible for making timely updates through this form and reminders will be sent periodically.

*Indicate the information you are reporting and complete the appropriate fields below.

SECTION A - This is my required STEM 6 month extension 6 month validation report

DO NOT omit the alpha character at the beginning of your SEVIS ID. Your SEVIS ID is the number above the bar code at the top right corner of your I-20.

*Family name as on your I-20

*Given name as on your I-20

*Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

*Columbia Email Address

Additional Email Address

*Telephone Number

*Current Residence Address 1

Current Residence Address 2

*Current Residence City

*Current Residence State

*Current Residence Zip Code

What is your Columbia school?

*Current employer name

*Current employer mailing address 1

Current employer mailing address 2

*Current employer city

*Current employer state

*Current employer Zip Code

*Date I began this employment (mm/dd/yyyy)

*This employment is Full time Part time
Part time employment must be at least 20 hours per week.

SECTION B - I have a new employer

Name of previous employer

End date of employment with previous employer (mm/dd/yyyy)

Start date of new employment (mm/dd/yyyy)

Name of new employer

Employer Mailing Address 1

Employer Mailing Address 2

Employer City

Employer State

Employer Zip Code

Additional Employer (if applicable)

Employer name

Employer Mailing Address 1

Employer Address 2

Employer City

Employer State

Employer Zip Code

If more than two employers, provide their name(s) and mailing address(es) in text box.

SECTION C - I will depart the U.S. and will not use/resume my STEM extension. Please end my F-1 SEVIS record.

My departure date is (mm/dd/yyyy)

SECTION D - I now hold another status in the U.S. Please end my F-1 SEVIS record.

New status effective date: (mm/dd/yyyy)


After submitting the completed form, your browser will display an Acknowledgement screen that contains all data submitted. You will receive an e-mail copy of this submission only if you use your Columbia email account